Global Exclusive Patent Smart Doghouse T-Pai, Open a New Era for Human and Pet Communication

Oct 12, 2013, 21:00 ET from Hong Kong Tesla Technology Limited

HONG KONG, Oct. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Smart homes are more common these days and in the 21st century, even doghouses need to become smart. The intelligent doghouse T-Pai, under the development of Hong Kong Tesla Technology Limited (HKTTL), is equipped with advance technology and systems such as caring, cleaning, games, etc. that makes dog ownership easier and more fun.

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HKTTL's intelligent doghouse T-Pai has been patent approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). According to the USPTO public records and HKTTL's official website, this doghouse is shaped like a double-decker bus; as seen in London. Its design is fashionable and colorful, with multiple built-in automated systems to meet their dog's needs in all areas.

There is a built-in automatic feeding system. Dog owners can pre-set feeding times and the amount of food, or remotely control them through mobile devices like Smartphone or Tablet. When the system detects that the drinking water is running low, it will refill automatically. T-Pai has food storage capacity of up to one week, leaving dog owners carefree while they are away from home. The health management system will record the eating habits, growth data and conduct health analysis of their dog, providing reports and suggestion to ensure dogs' owners are aware of the health status of their dogs.

The smart toilet system in the doghouse releases a liquid scent that after smelling and attracts dog to go to toilet. When the system detects excrement, it will flush and sterilize automatically.  In the unlikely event of a leak or blockage in the toilet system, a warning will be given off to protect the home for hygiene purpose.

The access control system allows dog owners to preset daily access times. Therefore, even if nobody is home, dog's access in and out of the doghouse is still under controlled. Dog owners can remotely monitor to ensure the dog is not messing around at home. T-Pai is installed with Pet Station, which has touch games, learning programs, music videos, and remote chat functions, so that dogs can have company and learn while the owner is away.

HKTTL cofounder Mr. Spand Jiang pointed out that T-Pai is still in the research and development stage, so the retail price has yet to be announced.  The first batch of T-Pai is expected to go on sale in mid-2015 and will be first launched in North America and China.  For those who are interested in T-Pai, customers can pre-order on HKTTL's official website now.

T-Pai, the exclusive American patented doghouse with automation and intelligent technology, leads to a new era for human and pet communication.

SOURCE Hong Kong Tesla Technology Limited