Global Food Technologies Provides Solution to Increased Food Risks Associated with Imports

The number of imported food and drugs in the United States has tripled over the last ten years, presenting the country with a set of challenges regarding food safety, supply chains, and FDA inspections. Global Food Technologies is working to improve the quality of seafood that is imported into the United States and thus improve the health of the families that consume it.

Jul 10, 2012, 06:00 ET from Global Food Technologies

HANFORD, Calif., July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Bloomberg reports that, over the last ten years, the amount of food and drugs imported into the United States has tripled. As a result, the food safety regulations that the country has in place have proven inadequate, making it extremely difficult to control the quality of imported goods. Global Food Technologies, a food safety company that provides proprietary, comprehensive solutions to its clients, is working to improve the safety and quality of the seafood that is processed abroad.

The Institute of Medicine, which is a division of the National Academy of Sciences, has drafted a report pertaining to the regulatory systems regarding food safety. Commissioned by the FDA, this report is an extremely revealing look at the gaps in food safety regulation.

"The FDA commissioned this study with the frank admission that its methods of ensuring product safety, inspections at factories and ports of entry, are inadequate when regulated products arrive at 300 different ports of entry from over 300,000 factories in 150 different countries," the study explains.

This report has provided 13 recommendations regarding the improvement of the FDA's food safety regulations. But Global Food Technologies is already working to solve this issue before food products are loaded onto cargo ships.

Global Food Technologies offers a proprietary food safety solution to processing plants around the world. By combining scientifically-rooted safety measures with well-developed operational processes, the company is able to offer on-site assistance to factories that are interested in improving the safety, quality, and taste of their seafood.


Global Food Technologies has released a press statement regarding its role in the food safety initiatives pertaining to imported seafood products: "iPura, the food safety program and brand division of Global Food Technologies, focuses on overseas production sites to decrease the risks associated with imported seafood products. iPura's  safety & quality teams along with on-site microbiologists execute a comprehensive, daily safety regimen that integrates patented organic technologies and science-based controls to combat contaminants and provide daily validation of the safety of iPura labeled products. Ultimately, Global Food Technologies aims to protect families and earn the trust of consumers."


SOURCE Global Food Technologies