Global market review of full hybrids - forecasts to 2018

Dec 24, 2013, 08:15 ET from Reportlinker

NEW YORK, Dec. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Global market review of full hybrids - forecasts to 2018

This latest just-auto report edition offers a global review of the full hybrids sector, its manufacturers, top markets, technologies and market forecasts.

This global market study offers:

Full hybrids market size estimatesLatest technologies and trendsProfiles of the major players including their strategies and prospectsMarket size forecasts

You can use this report to: Understand the scope and scale of the major markets

Get an overview of the global full hybrids sector

Identify opportunities and threats

Prepare demand and supply forecasts

Review the latest technological drivers

Know the key trends within the sector and what's driving them

Get up to speed with latest company activities and prospects

Hear direct from major companies on strategies and plans

Carry out competitive analysis

Purchase this report and receive 12 months' complimentary access to QUBE, just-auto's online research tool. IntroductionCompanies Group 1: The leader, Toyota Plug-in hybrids: 2012 Prius & othersHigher capacity, lithium cellsThree Prius generations and other hybridsOutlook Group 2: The second tier BMWBYDChryslerDaimler (Mercedes-Benz)FordGeneral MotorsHyundai - KiaJaguar Land Rover/TataMazdaMitsubishiNissanPSA Peugeot CitroenVolvo (Geely)VW Group: PorscheVW Group: Volkswagen – Audi – Bentley Group 3: The intenders ChanganChery, Faw, Geely, SAIC, and othersHondaSaab Markets AsiaEuropeNorth AmericaFactors affecting the market Are hybrids a technology or a vehicle type?Concerns to be addressed Electric utility capacityGeopolitics of lithiumLoss of OEM control over core technology'Wells to wheels' carbon balance Conditions affecting market size Battery costsOil pricesRegulation of carbon and other emissionsVehicle costs and new financial models Regionality effectsAlternative fuels BiodieselEthanolHydrogen Hydrogen market projectionsDaimlerGeneral MotorsHondaToyota Natural gas and LPGFuture fuels conclusions Technologies Stop-start systemMild hybrids (0.4-1.0kWh battery packs)Full (parallel or 'power-split') hybrids (1-3kWh battery packs)Plug-in parallel hybrids (4-10kWh battery packs)Electric-drive vehicles (10-75kWh battery packs) Extended-range electric vehicle or E-REV, aka series hybrid (10-25kWh battery packs)Battery electric vehicle, or BEV (20-75kWh battery packs) Forecasts Full hybridsPlug-ins List of tables Global production of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles (1990-2020 projections)

Plug-in hybrid vehicle model plans by manufacturer to 2018

Full hybrid vehicle model plans by manufacturer to 2018

Trend of Ford's North American hybrid vehicle sales, 2004-2012 (no. of vehicles)

GM Two-Mode full hybrid sales, 2008 to date (units)

Full hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle production volumes by manufacturer, 2007-2018 ('000s of vehicles)

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