Global Media and Entertainment Video Transcoding Market

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Global Media and Entertainment Video Transcoding Market

This research service provides a detailed Market Engineering analysis of the global M&E video transcoders market. The service ranks and explains market drivers and restraints. It also provides forecasts for revenue and unit shipments. The service outlines current distribution channels in addition to forecasting and analyzing market demand. Segment breakdowns are included for production, multi-screen and SaaS. Regions covered include Asia-Pacific (APAC); North America and Latin America (NALA); and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). The base year is 2012 and the study period is from 2010 to 2017.

Executive Summary

•The global Media and Entertainment (M&E) Video Transcoding market is valued at nearly $xx million in 2012, up from just over $xx million in 2011. Although business models remain uncertain and appetite for new investment in major markets remains low, continued digitization of workflows and skyrocketing demand for over the top content (both on-demand and live), continuing to drive double-digit growth for the market.

•The Americas remain the strongest region for the market in terms of current and future revenue streams. This is driven by factors such as maturity of content licensing and advertising business models, high penetration of portable devices and competitive pressures to retain subscribers in the face of growing popularity of online video services.

•Asia-Pacific, though the smallest market today, is on a path of rapid digitization, infrastructure development and device proliferation, which propels it to having the highest CAGR across any region during the forecast period.

•Though currently faced with significant challenges spanning geopolitical instability and a crippling economy, the EMEA region is expected to start investing in second-generation deployments from 2014 onwards, thus shoring up revenues and achieving a CAGR of nearly xx percent over the forecast period.

•Software form factors, cloud-based deployment and SaaS-based transcoding services are all continuing to grow in relevance, driving vendor agility, innovation, and total market revenues. While market consolidation activity continues, 2012 witnessed a spurt of new market entrants joining the M&E transcoding fray to capitalize on growth opportunities to continue to position themselves as one-stop-shop vendors of video compression and delivery technology to the specific verticals they serve.

•As MPEG-4 emerges as the de-facto video compression standard for Internet video delivery, the focus of the value proposition for this market is evolving. Where once, vendors differentiated on their ability to connect all the dots in the workflow from a format translation perspective, there is now growing emphasis on operational factors like speed, quality, automation and reliability.

•There is also a growing emphasis on whole-media considerations such as audio quality and scalability (especially with multiple language tracks), handling and display of metadata and closed captioning, targeted advertisement delivery, analytics, personalized content discovery, and transrating/grooming to manage network bandwidth.

•Broader solutions such as media asset management, non-linear editing, online video platforms and content delivery networks, which offer integrated transcoding functionality, are to some extent challenging the pure transcoding market. While some of these solutions use commercial transcoding products to power their offerings, many continue to leverage in-house solutions or open source code libraries.

•The competitive landscape continues to remain in flux, with agile vendors reporting growth rates as high as xx-xx percent but others falling behind or fading as they fail to keep pace with evolving market demands and competitor innovation.


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