Global Service Oriented Architecture Industry

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Global Service Oriented Architecture industry

This report analyzes the Global market for Service Oriented Architecture in US$ Billion by the following software types: Application & Collaborative Software, Development & Deployment Software, and Systems Infrastructure Software. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2006 through 2015. The report profiles 69 companies including Accenture Ltd., AmberPoint, Inc., Fiorano Software, Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, International Business Machines Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, SOA Software, Inc., Software AG, TIBCO Software Inc., and Vitria Technology, Inc. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.





Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1

Disclaimers I-2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-3

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3

Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3



SOA: Addressing the Challenges Facing IT Industry II-1

SOA Market - At a Glance II-2

SOA-Driven Software Segments - An Overview II-2

Infrastructure software II-3

Application & Collaborative Software II-3

Development and Deployment Software II-3

Current & Future Market Analysis II-3

Growth Drivers For SOA Market II-4

Community-Based Solutions II-4

Internal Business Process Improvements II-4

Improvements in ROI II-4

Innovation: A Key Driving Force II-4

Other Factors Influencing Growth II-5

Mid-Sized Organizations to Propel SOA Deployment II-5

Competitive Scenario II-6

IBM - Leading the SOA Marketplace II-6


SOA Market Counters Economic Slowdown II-7

SOA Deployments on the Rise II-7

SOA Infrastructure in Communications Sector II-8

Use of SOA in Software Testing Market II-8

SOA Implementation in Banks II-9

ESB Performance - A Key Focus Area II-9

Competition & Legacy Systems Compel Banks to Deploy SOA II-9

SOA - Bridging the Gap Between IT Functionality and Business

Capability II-10

Mash-Ups Gain Popularity II-10

Major Trends in the SOA Industry II-10

Commoditization Promotes Innovations in SOA-Enabled Systems II-10

Virtualization II-11

Select Trends II-11


Service Oriented Architecture - A Conceptual Definition II-12

SOA Flow II-12

SOA Life Cycle II-13

Service Oriented Architecture Implementation II-14

Service-Oriented Platform or SOA Infrastructure II-14

Service Orientation II-14

SOA Evolution II-14

Need for SOA II-15

Essential Components of SOA II-16

Service II-16

Message II-16

Dynamic Discovery II-16

Web Service II-16

Essential Requirements for SOA Usage II-17

Metadata - Essential for SOA Data and Services II-17

Orchestration Process II-17

SOA Implementation II-18

SOA Characteristics II-18

Service Architecture - Vital for SOA Implementation II-18

SOA Infrastructure: Supporting Standards II-19


WS-I Basic Profile II-19

.Net and J2EE II-19

SOA - Entities II-20

Advantages of SOA II-20

Higher Return On Investments II-21

Extended Code Mobility and Scalability II-21

Support for Multiple Client Categories II-21

Service Assembly II-21

Improved Maintainability II-21

Code Reuse II-22

Enhanced Responsiveness II-22

Defined Roles for Developers II-22

Enhanced Security II-22

Principles for Development & Utilization of SOA II-23

Architectural Principles II-23

SOA and Web Services II-23

Comparing SOA and Web Services II-24

Challenges in SOA Implementation II-24

Management of Services Metadata II-24

Lack of Testing Environment II-25

Lack of Appropriate Security Levels II-25

Shortage of Skilled Personnel II-25

SOA Initiatives Focus on IT Delivery II-25


North America II-26

Overview II-26

Competitive Scenario II-26

Table 1: Number of SOA Integration Projects by Service

Provider in North America (2008) II-26

Germany II-27

Japan II-27

Asia-Pacific II-27

Public Sector Drives SOA Adoption II-27

Corporate Investments on SOA Governance to Increase Rapidly II-27

China II-28

India II-28

Overview II-28

Challenges in Domestic Industries Driving SOA Industry II-29

SOA Market Grows Despite Global Slowdown II-29

Insurers Focus on SOA II-29


Oracle Rolls Out Oracle® SOA Suite 11g II-30

Neudesic Unveils Neuron-ESB Version 2.1 II-30

Fiorano Unveils New Version of Fiorano SOA Platform® II-30

Software AG Introduces Upgraded webMethods Platform Version 8.0 II-31

Infor Introduces FMS SunSystems Solution II-31

Alcatel-Lucent Introduces New Version of OmniAccess 8550 WSG II-32

Red Hat Launches Jboss Enterprise SOA Platform in

Collaboration with HP II-32

AFS Technologies Launches Wholly Integrated 4PL and 3PL

Product Suites II-33

Sparx System Introduces New Tool Support for SoaML II-33

SunGard Unveils Aligne Integrated Solution II-33

NorthStar Unveils NorthStar 6.0 II-34

Rolta Launches iPerspective™ II-34

PRIL Develops Inventory & Customer Tracking Software in

Partnership with IBM II-35

CodeObjects Roll Out Policy Enterprise Administration Solution II-35

Alcatel-Lucent Introduces Release 3.0 of OmniAccess 8550 Web

Services Gateway II-35

Rolta Introduces SOA Today Solution II-35

iTKO Launches LISA™ Version 4.6 Product Suite II-36

Eclipse Launches Next Generation ESB Swordfish II-36

ComFrame Software Launches ProtoSOA™ II-37

Heartland Payment Systems and transmodus Release Check

Management System II-37

SOA Software Releases New Mainframe SOA Solution for IMS

Transactions II-38

Accenture Launches Improved Version of Alnova Core Banking

Platform II-38

IBM Unveils New Products for Enterprise Cloud Services Delivery II-38

GT Software Unveils Mainframe-Based SOA Offering II-39

WSO2 Introduces Newer Version of WSO2 ESB II-40

Sun Microsystems Introduces New SOA Product II-40

SafeNet Introduces XML HSM for Securing SOAs II-41

Software AG Launches webMethods Insight Solution II-41

IBM Collaborates with MITAS for SOA-Based Enterprise

Integration Platform II-42

Software AG Introduces New Version of webMethods Application

Modernization Suite II-42

Rogue Wave Introduces Advanced Rogue Wave® Hydra Range II-42

Software AG to Merge CentraSite SOA with Infravio Legacy II-43

XAware Upgrades Support for Eclipse 3.4 II-43

Alcatel-Lucent and HP Announce Product Integration for SOA II-43

MuleSource Unveils Enterprise Grade Edition of Most Popular ESb II-44

HP Unveils HP SOA Systinet 3.00 II-44

XAware Launches QuickStart Program II-45

Agnity Rolls Out Agnity Aconyx SOCA II-45

IFS Introduces SOA-Based CAD Integration for IFS Applications II-46

NaviSite Launches AppStructure II-46

Parsec Automation Unveils TrakSYS 6.0 SOA Application Software II-46

TnT Introduces New SOA II-47

Oracle Releases SOA Super-Suite II-47

Oracle Unveils Oracle Enterprise Repository and Oracle SOA Suite II-47

SAP Launches SOA Services and Tools II-47

HP Releases New Management Software to Enable SOA Deployment II-48

Epicor® Rolls Out Internet Component Environment 2.0 II-48

RedHat Launches JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform II-49

MediSolution Unveils SOA Products and Solutions for Healthcare

Sector II-49

IBM Launches New Advanced Tools and Services to Develop SOA

Foundation II-50

Fiorano Software Introduces Fiorano SOA Platform® SMB II-50

Software AG Launches webMethods 7.1 Solution II-50

AmberPoint Launches Advanced SOA Runtime Governance Solutions II-51

Ricoh Americas and IBM Launch SOA-Enabled MFP II-51


Infotech Enterprises Inks Deal with iTEC II-52

IBM Acquires ILOG II-52

Appistry Inks Partnership with AgilePath II-53

MuleSource Inks Partnership with Callista for SOA Solutions II-53

Data Dimensions Acquires Olim LLC II-54

Progress Software Supplies SOA Solutions to Kemper II-54

AmberPoint Offers Technological Support to Microsoft BizTalk

Server 2009 II-54

Cisco to Acquire Tidal Software II-55

GoIP Global and Ping Mobile in Strategic Alliance II-55

Samskip Deploys MuleSource Solutions II-55

Kana Software Inks OEM Deal With IBM II-56

Talend Inks OEM Partnership Agreement with Sopera II-56

Allconnect Selects MuleSource's ESB Platform II-56

Lawson and Axway Extend Collaboration to Market Axway B2Bi

Express II-57

ITS Bags USDA Contract II-57

SAIC and NEC Partner to Deliver New GeoViz Suite II-58

MuleSource and Optaros Deploy Next-Generation NesOA for Nespresso II-58

MuleSource and FastConnect Team Up to Offer Mule Architecture II-58

Acme Packet Acquires Covergence II-59

TIBCO Partners with HP II-59

Software AG Acquires Teconomic II-59

Travelport Selects IBM for Modernization of Travel Services

Platform II-59

Oracle Acquires BEA Systems II-60

Ingres in Strategic Technology Collaboration with MuleSource II-60

Software AG Enters into SOA Partnership with T-Mobile II-60

VeNotion to Supply Business Serviceware to Software AG II-61

IBM Establishes New SOA Leadership Center II-61

Unisys Signs SOA Agreement with PSIS II-61

Tibco Expands BPM+ Initiative Convergence II-61

Sensedia Commences Operations in the US II-62

OpenSpan Partners with Tibco Software II-62

HCL and Tibco Expand Strategic Alliance II-62

Progress Software Acquires IONA Technologies II-63

Green Hat Consulting Acquires Solstice Software II-63

SOA Software Acquires LogicLibrary II-63

MuleSource Inks Partnership Agreement with NaviSite II-63

VanceInfo Establishes New SOA Technology Lab II-63

Al Taqnyah Inks Distribution Agreement with edge IPK II-64

Merlin International Bags SPAWAR ITC Contract II-64

Sodifrance Signs Partnership Agreement with ILOG® II-64

MuleSource Teams Up with Intel II-65

Oracle to Acquire ClearApp II-65

IBM Extends Partnership with Chordiant II-66

Avineon Secures US Department of Defense Contract II-66

Iona and Aepona to Enter into Partnership II-66

ING Life Korea Installs TIBCO Business Solutions II-66

Tumbleweed Merges with Axway II-67

Progress Software Takes Over Mindreef II-67

IBM Takes Over AptSoft II-68

Oracle Acquires BEA Systems II-68

Progress Software Takes Over Xcalia II-68

Forum Systems Partners with Techlogix II-69

TCS and Sony Pictures Enter into SOA Agreement II-69

AmberPoint Enters into Distribution Agreement with Eurosel II-69

SOA Software Enters into Partnership with Compuware II-70

IBM Collaborates with Nine Business Partners II-70

MITAS Enters into Agreement with IBM II-70

Software AG and Satyam Expand Global Partnership II-71

Software AG Enters into Agreement with Layer 7 II-71

Software AG Acquires webMethods II-71

Software AG Takes Over Major Stake in SPL Software II-71

AmberPoint Inks Distribution Agreement with InfoBuild Oy II-72

Univé Insurance Enters into Licensing Agreement with Systemation II-72

Fiorano Software Enters into Partnership with iWay Software II-72

IONA Technologies Acquires LogicBlaze II-73

Software AG Acquires webMethods II-73

Fiorano Software Enters into Agreement with GT Software II-73

Fiorano Inks Partnership Agreement with Applied Technology

Solutions II-73

Fiorano Inks Partnership agreement with DATEC II-74

B2br Enters into Partnership Agreement with Vitria II-74

SOA Software Signs a Partnership Agreement with JackBe II-75


Accenture Ltd. (US) II-76

AmberPoint, Inc. (US) II-76

Fiorano Software, Inc. (US) II-76

Hewlett-Packard Company (US) II-77

International Business Machines Corporation (US) II-77

Microsoft Corporation (US) II-77

Oracle Corporation (US) II-77

SOA Software, Inc. (US) II-78

Software AG (Germany) II-78

TIBCO Software Inc. (US) II-78

Vitria Technology, Inc. (US) II-79


Table 2: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-Driven Software by

Software Type - Application & Collaborative Software,

Development and Deployment Software, and Systems

Infrastructure Software Markets Independently Analyzed with

Annual Revenue Figures in US$ Billion for Years 2006 through

2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-80

Table 3: Global 10-Year Perspective for Service Oriented

Architecture (SOA)-Driven Software by Software Type -

Percentage Breakdown of Annual Revenues for Application &

Collaborative Software, Development and Deployment Software,

and Systems Infrastructure Software Markets for Years 2006,

2009 & 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-81


Total Companies Profiled: 69 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 77)


Region/Country Players


The United States 42

Canada 1

Europe 24

France 4

Germany 7

The United Kingdom 2

Rest of Europe 11

Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) 10


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