Global Spotlight Through Creative Styling, COLORFUL DNA

-- Customized Precision Styling Based on Customer's Preference

Nov 11, 2015, 09:00 ET from COLORFUL DNA

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Korean specialty shop for women's clothing, 'COLORFUL DNA (', is drawing attention in the global market for its unique and creative styling.

CEO JEENA YOON (28) has been demonstrating her own fashion styling through SNS and started her own business in full scale in 2012, after developing a large group of fans all around the world increasingly asking her about the products and to purchase clothing for them.

"The bold styling that combines accessories of brilliant colors is drawing great attention in the global market. We have many customers purchasing clothing sets just as they were displayed in the website. Our customers are also showing great interest in various high quality products that we are offering at a low price."

COLORFUL DNA is serving customers in various countries through the online mall available in Korean and English ( developed by Korea's largest e-commerce solution brand, 'cafe24 ('.

Handmade shoes are especially gaining in popularity in English speaking countries. Customers hesitated over the purchase due to the different size system at first; however, these same customers have become regulars after experiencing precise explanations about the size and the products' advantages in terms of the materials and the price.

"As all our employees can handle customers in English, we can provide overseas customers with highly customized customer service, through which we extract essential information such as customers' preference, size, and requirements to accurately suggest products that perfectly fit them, and thus, achieve high satisfaction."

COLORFUL DNA is planning to expand its sales channel down to the offline markets around the world in order to grow into a global brand with even better recognition. It will also increase language support in addition to the currently available Korean and English to appeal to more customers in new countries.