Global Telemedicine Market Outlook to 2018

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Global Telemedicine Market Outlook to 2018

The deployment of telemedicine services is galloping with continuous development of telecommunication. The shortage of physicians in rural and remote areas provides opportunity for telemedicine to increase its services to millions of patients and this widespread deployment of services will continue at a rapid pace in future as well. The increase in telemedicine applications are surging due to high prevalence of chronic diseases, consistent need for improved quality services and rising elderly population across countries which thereby urge telemedicine to deliver improved products with higher patient satisfaction.

In the latest research study, "Global Telemedicine Market Outlook to 2018", RNCOS analysts identified market dynamics pertaining to specific countries to highlight the initiatives taken by several market players and healthcare providers to boost telemedicine sector's growth. The market, which stood at US$ 14.2 Billion in 2012, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.5% during 2012-2018.

On the geographical-front, the report presents a detailed analysis of key geographies and the recent telemedicine-oriented developments. The Government and market players, particularly across U.S, have taken a step forward to support benefits of telehealth/telemedicine services via proposed Medicare and Medicaid programs. Recognizing the potential of telemedicine for the development of healthcare in the country, the USDA has provided funding that are expected to deliver positive outcomes in the field of telemedicine.

The report provides extensive information and rational analysis of the global telemedicine market. After thorough analysis of the market, analysts have drawn a logical conclusion about various drivers and challenges which influence growth of the telemedicine market. It also provides an insight into different telemedicine processes along with a segment-wise analysis to present an overview of the developments taking place.

In the end, the report concludes with a competitive analysis of key market players, providing business overview of each player along with their product portfolio. In addition, it elucidates key developments of players related to telemedicine which enables the client to formulate market strategies and assess the opportunity areas in key geographies.

1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Telemedicine: An Introduction

4. Global Telemedicine Market Outlook to 2018

4.1 Market Size

4.2 Market Structure

4.2.1 Telehospitals and Clinics Market

4.2.2 Telehome Market

4.3 Regional Markets

4.3.1 US

4.3.2 Europe

4.3.3 Asia Pacific

5. Clinical Applications

5.1 Teleconsultation

5.2 Telepathology

5.3 Telecardiology

5.4 Telesurgery

5.5 Teleradiology

5.6 Teledermatology

5.7 Teleophthalmology

6. Market Drivers and Restraints

6.1 Drivers

6.1.1 Enabling Remote Patient Monitoring

6.1.2 Rising Prevalence of Chronic Diseases

6.1.3 Cost Cutting

6.2 Restraints

6.2.1 Legal and Reimbursement Issues

6.2.2 High Technology Cost Pushing Higher Telemedicine Service Cost

7. Industry Players

7.1 McKesson Ltd.

7.2 Philips Healthcare

7.3 GE Healthcare Ltd.

7.4 Siemens-IT Solutions and Services

7.5 Intel

7.6 IBM

7.7 AMD Telemedicine

7.8 Honeywell HomMed

7.9 Cardio Net Inc.

7.10 Bosch Healthcare

7.11 Aerotel Medical Systems

7.12 Polycom

List of Figures: Figure 4-1: Global - Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2012-2018

Figure 4-2: Global - Telemedicine Market by Segment (%), 2012

Figure 4-3: Global - Forecast for Telemedicine Market by Segment (%), 2018

Figure 4-4: Global - Telemedicine Market by Player (%), 2012

Figure 4-5: Global - Telehospitals and Clinics Market (Billion US$), 2012-2018

Figure 4-6: Global - Share of Services and Technology in Telehospitals and Clinics Market (2012 & 2018)

Figure 4-7: Global - Telehome Market (Billion US$), 2012-2018

Figure 4-8: Global - Share of Sevices and Technology in Telehome Market (2012 & 2018)

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