Global Wastewater Treatment to Energy (WWTTE) Market 2016-2026

Mar 01, 2016, 10:47 ET from Visiongain

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Forecasts for CAPEX, OPEX, and by End Use (Power, Heat, Biomethane)

This 210 page report addresses the development of the global wastewater treatment to energy market, analysing the prospects for 3 submarkets and 10 leading national markets, and including CAPEX, OPEX and number of installations for the period 2016-2026 broken down into the heat, power and biomethane submarkets. It also includes the historical number of installations for a number of nations.

Through extensive research and discussions with experts in the industry, visiongain has identified a series of market trends that will impact the wastewater treatment to energy market over the coming decade. Do not miss an opportunity to remain informed of key market dynamics and investment opportunities. Contact us to learn more about the report today.

Visiongain's forecasts indicate that the Global Wastewater Treatment to Energy (WWTtE) Market 2016-2026 will see a total expenditure of $486.1m in 2016.

The report will answer questions such as:
• What are the prospects for wastewater treatment to energy markets in different regions across the world?
• Which nations have the most wastewater treatment to energy facilities?
• What is the outlook for the three main end-use applications of wastewater treatment to energy (heat, power and biomethane)
• How is the wastewater treatment to energy market use changing and what are the main drivers and restraints for this change?
• What impact does governmental regulation have on the growth of national wastewater treatment to energy markets?
• What are the typical capital expenditures necessary for bringing a wastewater treatment to energy facility online?
• What are the typical operation and maintenance costs associated with a wastewater treatment to energy facility?
• Where are the main areas of technological development expected to come from in the coming decade?

FIVE reasons why you must order and read this report today: 

1) The report provides CAPEX and OPEX forecasts, as well as analysis, for the global market and for 3 wastewater treatment to energy submarkets by end use from 2016-2026
- Heat Forecast 2016-2026
- Power Forecast 2016-2026
- Biomethane Forecast 2016-2026

2) The report includes CAPEX, OPEX and end use (Heat, Power and Biomethane) forecasts and detailed analysis of developments in ten national markets and 4 regional Markets from 2016 to 2026
- North America WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026
- Asia-Pacific WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026
- European WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026
- Rest of the World WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026
- Canadian WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026
- US WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026
- Australian WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026
- South Korean WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026European
- Danish WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026
- French WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026
- German WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026
- Swiss WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026
- Swedish WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026
- UK WWTtE Market Forecast 2016-2026

3) The report includes forecasts for the number of heat, power and biomethane plants in ten leading national markets from 2016-2026
- Canadian WWTtE Number of Installations Forecast 2016-2026
- US WWTtE Number of Installations Forecast 2016-2026
- Australian WWTtE Number of Installations Forecast 2016-2026
- South Korean WWTtE Number of Installations Forecast 2016-2026
- Danish WWTtE Number of Installations Forecast 2016-2026
- French WWTtE Number of Installations Forecast 2016-2026
- German WWTtE Number of Installations Forecast 2016-2026
- Swiss WWTtE Number of Installations Forecast 2016-2026
- Swedish WWTtE Number of Installations Forecast 2016-2026
- UK WWTtE Number of Installations Forecast 2016-2026

4) The analysis is underpinned by our exclusive interviews with leading experts:
- Alex Marshall from Clarke Energy
- Harro Brons from WELTEC Biopower
- Kurt Goddard from FuelCell Energy
- Noel Kullavanijaya from Equilibrium Capital
- Professor Jörgen Ejlertsson
- Dr Virginie Cartier and Graig Rosenberger from Veolia Water Technology
- Wilbert Menkvel from Nijhuis Water Technology

5) The report includes detailed profiles of ten leading companies
- RWL Water Group
- Kemira Water
- Malmberg
- Xylem Inc
- APROVIS Energy Systems
- Veolia
- AAT Biogas Technology
- Hitchai Zosen INOVA
- PlanET Biogas
- GE Water

This independent 210 page report guarantees you will remain better informed than your competitors. With 192 tables and figures examining the wastewater treatment to energy market space, the report gives you a direct, detailed breakdown of the market. PLUS capital expenditure AND operational expenditure AND forecasts for the number of installations ALL broken down into the heat, power and biomethane submarkets, as well as in depth analysis, from 2016-2026 will keep your knowledge that one step ahead of your rivals.

This report is essential reading for anyone in the water or energy sector with an interest in wastewater treatment to energy or biogas. Purchasing this report today will allow you to recognise important market opportunities and make informed business decisions.

Companies Mentioned in this Report
AAT biogas
Biogas Zurich
Clarke Energy
DSI - Drake and Scull International
Equilibrium Capital
Fraunhofer IGB
Flow Gas
FuelCell Energy
GE Water
Göteborg Energi
Hamburg Wasser
Hitachi Zosen Inova
Imtech UK
Lang O'Rourke
Melbourne Water
Nijhuis Water Technology
Passavant Energy and Environment
Posco E&C
PlanET biogas
RWL water
Severn Trent
Suez Environment
Swedish Biogas
Thames Water
Quadrogen Power Systems
United Utilities
Weltec Biopower
Wessex Water

Other Organisations Mentioned in this Report
ABC - American Biogas Association
Advisory commission on local public services (France)
Aguas de Barcelona
American Society of Civil Engineers
Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)
Brazilian Federal Government
Conagua - The National Water Commission (Mexico)
CEFC - Clean Energy Finance Corporation (Australia)
DANVA - Danish Water and Waste Water Association
DECC - Department of Energy and Climate Change (UK)
DEFRA - Department for the Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs
Departmental Direction of the Territories (France)
DOE - (Department of Energy)
EIA - Energy Information Administration (USA)
EPA - Environment Protection Agency (USA)
Environment Canada
EU - European Union
French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environemtns
German Engineering Federation
Government of Canada
Inter-service water task force (France)
NRC - National Research Council of Canada
Ministry of Environment (South Korea)
Ministry for Ecology (France)
Ministry of Energy (France)
Ministry of the Environment (Japan)
Ministry of Infrastructure (Japan)
Ministry of Tourism (Japan)
Ministry of Transport (Japan)
Ministry of Land (Japan)
Ministry of Sustainable Development (France)
Ministry of Territorial Development (France)
Public Procurement Office (South Korea)
Regional Health Authority (France)
RIRDC - Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (Australia)
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
USDA - United States Department of Agriculture (USA)

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