Global Watches and Clocks Industry

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Global Watches and Clocks Industry

The global outlook series on Watches and Clocks provides a collection of statistical anecdotes, market briefs, and concise summaries of research findings. The report offers a rudimentary overview of the industry, highlights latest trends and demand drivers, in addition to providing statistical insights. Regional markets briefly abstracted and covered include United States, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and others. The report offers a compilation of recent mergers, acquisitions, and strategic corporate developments. Also included is an indexed, easy-to-refer, fact-finder directory listing the addresses, and contact details of 234 companies worldwide.

1. INDUSTRY OVERVIEW 1A Primer 1Table 1: World Watch Market (2009): Percentage Market ShareBreakdown of Leading Players 1Luxury Watches - Market Expanding at an Impressive Rate 2Table 2: Global Luxury Watches Market (2011): PercentageMarket Share Breakdown of Leading Players 2Luxury Watches Segment - Innovation is Order of the Day 2Vintage Watch Market - Still Going Strong 2Sport Watches Grow in Popularity 3Digital Watches Continue to Maintain Share 3Switzerland: Leader in Watch Production 3Asia - A Buoyant Market for Swiss Watches 3Shift in Preference from Quartz to Mechanical Watches 3Increasing Consumer Awareness Drives Watches & Clocks Market 4Price: A Key Attribute 4The Demand and the Competition 5Electronic Gadgets Pose A Serious Threat to Wrist Watches 5Clocks Market: Outlook 5Table 3: Global Clock Market by Geographic Region - AnnualSales for the Years 2010 through 2015 in US$ million for US,Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific (including Japan), Middle Eastand Latin America 6

Table 4: Global Clock Market by Geographic Region: Percentage

Share Breakdown of Dollar Sales for 2011 and 2015 for US,

Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific (including Japan), Middle East

and Latin America 7

Watches Market: Outlook 7

Table 5: Global Watches Market by Geographic Region - Annual

Sales for the Years 2010 through 2015 in US$ million for US,

Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific (including Japan), Middle East

and Latin America 8

Table 6: World 5-Year Perspective for Watches by GeographicRegion - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for US, Canada,Europe, Asia-Pacific (including Japan), Middle East and LatinAmerica 9Other Key Statistical Findings 9Table 7: Global Watch Production (2011): Percentage Breakdownof Production Value by Product Type 9


Clock 10

Clocks in Ancient Times 10

Sundials 10

Hourglass, Candle Clocks, and Incense Sticks 10

Water Clocks 10

Modern Clocks 10

Analog Clocks 10

Digital Clocks 11

Auditory Clocks 11

Mechanism of a Clock 11

Power Source 12

Oscillator 12

Controller 12

Counter Chain 12

Indicator 13

Synchronized or Slave Clocks 13

Watches 14

Classification by Price 14

Mass Market Watches 14

Middle Priced Watches 14

Upper Priced Watches 14

Luxury Watches 14

Classification by Function 15

Types of Watches 15

Clock-Watches 15

Pocket Watches 15

Wristwatches 16

Types of Wristwatches 16

Mechanical Watches 16

Digital Watches 16

Electric Watches 16

Other Types of Wristwatches 16

Quartz Watches 16

Specialty Watches 17

Movement of a Watch 17

Types of Movements 17

Mechanical Movements 17

Electronic Movements 17

Types of Displays 17

Analog 17

Digital 18

Power Sources 18

Parts of a Watch 18

Dial 18

Hands 18

Crown 19

Bezel 19

Crystal 19

Case 19

Strap 19

Features and Functions of Today's Watches 19

Calendar 19

Dual Time Indicator 19

Chronograph 20

Moon/Sun Indicator 20

Water Resistant 20

Shock Resistant 20

Anti-Magnetic 20

Evolution of Clocks 20

Evolution of Mechanical Clocks 20

Evolution of Astronomical Clocks 21

In Medieval Times 21

Evolution of Watches 22

Industry Background and Development 22

Electronic Watches Mark End of Dominance of Old-Line Watchmakers 23

Development of the Quartz Crystal Clock - A Significant Step 23

Seiko Markets the First Quartz Wall Clock 23

The Industry in the Early 1990s 24

The Industry in Late 1990s 24

The Industry in the Early 2000s 24

Role of Digital Technology 24

Watches with Automotive Brands 25

Changes in Technology 25

Timex's Indiglo Brand of Watches 25

Watch with Palmtop Computer/Data Processor 25

Distance Recording Watch from SunTime 25

Piquot Meridien's Volantis Line of Watches 26

Channels of Distribution 26

Branding in the Watches Market 26

Retail Chains 26





Market Scenario 54

Table 8: Fashion and Sports Watch Market in the United States

(2011): Percentage Share Breakdown of Retail Dollar Sales by

Distribution Channel 54

US Customers More Inclined Towards Platinum Watches 55

After-Sales Service and Grey Market - A Big Challenge 55

Fashion Statement 55

Liking for Jewelry Watches Cuts Across the Genders 55

Holiday Seasons Witness Maximum Sales of High-End Watches 55

Women Go for Technically Advanced Watches 55

Untapped Luxury Watch Segment in the US Offers Potential 56

Add-on Gadgets Set the Pace 56

Purchasing Trends of Watches 56

Counterfeit Watches 56

Trend in Clocks Market 57

Theme Clocks 57

Role of 4 P's in Market Development 57

2. JAPAN 58Overview 58Segmentation 58Table 9: Japanese Market for Watches (2011): PercentageBreakdown of Shipments by Product Type 59Japanese Luxury Watches Segment 59

3. EUROPE 60

Watches Market: Outlook 60

Table 10: European Current & Future Analysis for Watches by

Country/Region - Breakdown of Annual Sales in US$ Million for

France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia, and Rest of Europe

for years 2010 through 2015 60

Table 11: European 5-Year Perspective for Watches byCountry/Region: Percentage Share Breakdown of Dollar Salesfor France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia, and Rest ofEurope for years 2011 & 2015 61Clocks Market: Overview 62Table 12: European Current & Future Analysis for Clocks byCountry/Region - Breakdown of Annual Sales in US$ Million forFrance, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia, and Rest of Europefor years 2010 through 2015 62

Table 13: European 5-Year Perspective for Clocks by

Country/Region: Percentage Share Breakdown of Dollar Sales

for France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia, and Rest of

Europe for years 2011 & 2015 63

Market Highly Fragmented 63

Large Scale Retail Outlets Monopolize Distribution Network 64

Focus on Select Regional Markets 64

Russia 64

Switzerland 65

Swiss Watch Makers Intend to Bring "Swiss made" Label Under

Intense Scrutiny 66

Risks Faced 66

Softness of the Current Definition 66

Need for New Definition 66

Luxury Watches 67

Export Scenario 67

4. ASIA-PACIFIC 69Market Overview 69Brief Description of Select Markets 69China 69Industry Highlights 69Trends in the Chinese Watches & Clocks Market 70Imported Watches Dominate the Watch Market in China 70Swiss Watches Highly Popular 70China's Tax on Luxury Watches Might Affect Swiss Imports 70Hong Kong Could Seize the Opportunity 71Taxes Do Not Deter the Luxury Segment Consumer 71Local Brands Not Far Behind 71Small Brands - Imported and Local - Migrate to Small Markets 71Trends in Buying 71Chinese Tourists - A Key Consumer Segment 72China Leads in Clock Supply in the World 72Chinese Watchmakers Go Digital 72Low End Clocks Might Need to Make an Exit 72Own Brands Account for a Sizable Share of Exports 72WTO and Chinese Market 73Market Overview 73Watch Market 73Demographics 74India 74Overview 74Development of the Indian Watch Industry 74Market Scenario 75India - A Lucrative Market for Luxury Watchmakers 75High Imports 75Hong Kong 76Overview 76Hong Kong Timepiece Industry - Overview 76Industry Trends 77Timepiece Manufacturers Face Strong Competition from Handphones 77Fashion Brands Enter the Fray to Drive the Watches Market 77Hong Kong Manufactures and Exports for Global Brands 77Luxury Watch Market to Soar with Increased Consumption Taxin Mainland 78OEM Base 78Internet: Positive Impact on Sales 79Singapore 79Taiwan 79Sports Watches Gaining Popularity 79Thailand 80GLOBAL DIRECTORY

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