GlobalFit Launches Gym Check-in Feature to Enhance its FitBucks Rewards Program

Feb 24, 2016, 11:57 ET from GlobalFit

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- GlobalFit's FitBucks Rewards™ is part of a total population health solution that is used to reimburse or reward employees and insurance plan members for making healthy choices. Using geo-access technology, the recently released "gym check-in" feature is designed to streamline the process of submitting proof of attendance and provides greater accuracy in validating gym visits, making it easier for users to receive their gym reimbursement.

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The structure of FitBucks Rewards gives clients the flexibility to control all aspects of the reimbursement process, including who is eligible, what is reimbursable, how much is available for reimbursement, what proof is required, and what method of payment is used.

"Choosing to reimburse or reward employees or plan members for making healthy choices increases participation in wellness programs and drives key behaviors that lead to better health outcomes and less health plan utilization," says Richard Penn, CEO.

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About GlobalFit:

GlobalFit provides clients with solutions that accelerate wellness program engagement, leading to improved population health and better financial outcomes. With over 24 years in the corporate wellness space, GlobalFit connects wellness with rewards through its Gym Network 360 and FitBucks Rewards platforms. GlobalFit's FitBucks Rewards is a simple and configurable wellness program enhancement that reimburses employees for making healthy choices and encourages them to invest in their health. GlobalFit's Gym Network 360 platform offers a comprehensive suite of programs and products with a focus on the essential components of wellness: exercise, eating, and education. Your population gains access to exclusive pricing and flexible membership options at over 9,000 gyms and studios nationwide, healthy eating programs, and more.

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