Gluten Free, Sulfite Free and Half the Calories of Vodka, Rock Sake is a Nutritious Cocktail Choice

Aug 24, 2010, 09:00 ET from Rock Sake

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The movement toward high quality, all natural food and drink continues to gain momentum and Americans need a cocktail that fits in with their healthy lifestyle. Rock Sake is a line of ultra-premium, domestically produced sake that is a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional white spirits. Per ounce, Rock Sake is half the calories of vodka, rum and other white spirits and is gluten and sulfite free.

Each day, Americans count calories, fat grams and carbohydrates throughout breakfast, lunch and dinner, but don't often add cocktails into the equation. Realistically, people are still having a drink or two with dinner but skimping on taste and originality in an effort to limit calories and sugars. Rock Sake is the ideal alternative to a martini or glass of wine and the perfect base for fresh cocktails that taste great and mix well with high quality ingredients.

Rock Sake was founded by fit and nutrition minded individuals who are committed to living an all-natural lifestyle. Seth Podell, the creator of Rock Sake, chose to produce the highest quality domestic sake because it aligns with his commitment to eating well and taking care of his body.  "I've always been dedicated to good health but still enjoy drinking alcohol," said Podell. "The first time I tried cold, high-end sake I absolutely loved it and contrary to past experiences after a night of drinking, I felt great the next morning and I was able to get my pre-workday exercise in. Sake became my go-to cocktail, however, it was hard to decipher labels, pronounce brand names, and find anything good outside sushi restaurants. Rock Sake is delicious when you drink it cold and straight but versatile enough to mix into delicious cocktails. The fact that it has 50% fewer calories than vodka makes it that much better for the health conscious social drinker."

Meg Gotelli, nutritionist, says, "Two extremely important factors in maintaining good health is watching calorie intake and keeping normal blood sugar levels. Mixed drinks and wine can add more than 1500 calories to your intake over the course of a night, not to mention spike blood sugar levels. Rock Sake is a better choice when drinking alcohol because it's low in calories, contains very little sugar and is made from a gluten free grain. Everyone has the ability to control what they put into their bodies and if you like to have a few cocktails Rock Sake is a healthy choice."

Rock Sake comes in two types that are both domestically produced and ultra-premium quality.  Rock Sake Junmai Ginjo has a smooth, fresh flavor and is hand-crafted using only the finest ingredients including all-natural rice polished down to 60%, and pure mountain spring water. Rock Sake Junmai Ginjo comes in a stunning white frosted bottle and does not contain sulfites, preservatives or additives. Rock Sake Junmai Ginjo has a distinct taste of purity and should be served chilled straight, mixed in a cocktail or martini.

Rock Sake Cloud is nigori sake. Intentionally less filtered, nigori means "cloudy" and is the most traditional type of sake. Rock Sake Cloud is junmai ginjo sake that is roughly filtered leaving it with an opaque color and sweeter taste. There is no distilled alcohol added during the brewing process of Rock Sake Cloud which is consistent with its all-natural, pure taste. Rock Sake Cloud should be served chilled straight or in a cocktail.

Rock Sake has become the sake of choice by patrons in some of America's hottest restaurants and bars like Katsuya, Koi and Geisha House in Los Angeles, Japonais and Sunda in Chicago as well as national chain restaurants like Sushi Samba. Bartenders and mixologists in cutting edge bars are excited to be working with Rock Sake because of its quality and versatility.  "We've found that sake is a refreshing and low-calorie spirit that tastes great on its own and is perfect for mixing into fresh cocktails," says Kell Wimmer, Beverage Director for Dolce Group. "Rock Sake takes the guess work out of choosing the best brand to work with because of its quality and balanced taste."

Retail consumers can find Rock Sake on store shelves in local liquor stores and food stores like Whole Foods and Henry's Markets. Look for Rock Sake at food and wine festivals, celebrity events as well as fundraising events. For more information visit:

Rock Sake Junmai Ginjo and Rock Sake Cloud contain 15% Alc/Vol. Supplied by Rock Sake of West Hollywood, CA 90046. Available in 375ml and 750ml bottles, Rock Sake products are distributed by American Wine & Spirits division of Southern Wines & Spirits.

Rock Sake is a privately owned spirits company based in Los Angeles. Founded in 2008 by two entrepreneurs, Rock Sake is positioned to become a leading supplier of all-natural, American made sake products.

Meg Gotelli, BA CN is a nutritionist with a bachelor of arts degree in Holistic Wellness from San Francisco State University. Based in Los Angeles, Meg maintains a private consulting practice, contributes articles to media outlets, serves as a guest on internet radio and provides the latest cutting edge nutrition information on her blog, . With over 27 years experience in the holistic health field, her expertise has made her a popular resource for those interested in a healthier lifestyle and better nutrition. For more information about Meg Gotelli visit

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