Glyphsoate China Monthly Report 1210 - Annual Subscription

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Glyphsoate China Monthly Report 1210 - Annual Subscription

On 20-22 October, 2012, the 12th AgroChemEx will be held in Shanghai City, but Chinese glyphosate market is quiet. The current quotation of glyphosate technical is less than that in September 2012, and most traders are also holding a wait-and-see attitude, wanting to get a relatively low price of glyphosate after AgroChemEx. In spite of all this, the price of glyphosate technical is the highest one at present, up by 4.49% in early October over the corresponding period of September 2012. However, the prices of raw materials still increase this month. Besides, the exchange rate of RMB against U.S. dollar keeps increasing little by little, which would reduce the profit further in glyphosate business of China's glyphosate producers depending highly on overseas market.

Southern Hemisphere's glyphosate market, as one of the most important glyphosate market for domestic and foreign glyphosate players, has been in the demand season for glyphosate related products, and both domestic and foreign glyphosate producers would increase the sales efforts in Southern Hemisphere's countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Australia and South Africa, which would cause the competition to be more fierce.

On the condition that the demand season for glyphosate in Southern Hemisphere's countries has come and the competition of glyphosate market share in these countries is intensifying, will the price of China's glyphosate related products keep rising in the next few months?

Under the current circumstance, would the price of glyphosate related products and raw materials continue to rise?

Inner Mongolia Tenglong Bio and Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. has finished the commissioning test run on its new glyphosate technical production line with capacity of 20,000t/a at the end of Sept. 2012, which will enlarge the supply of glyphosate technical in the coming months.

Zhejiang Wynca Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. was keen on investing in the trust and loan business in the past two years, and it has achieved lots of benefit from this business, but it is suffering huge risks from those investment now.

Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals Co., Ltd. intents to apply for more comprehensive credit from two financial institutions in order to satisfy the funds demand in operation.

Monsanto has achieved good operating performance in full fiscal year 2012 (September 2011-August 2012), and it achieved the highest total net sales of USD13,516 million since its re-listing in 2000, with net income of USD2,045 million.

Monsanto will begin shipping its new glyphosate product RT4790 herbicide (RT4®) in Nov. 2012, making this latest brand be available to growers in the U.S. in the spring of 2013.

Southern Hemisphere has been in demand season for glyphosate since Q4 2012, which is a good news for Chinese glyphosate, but this situation may not boost the price of China's glyphosate further in Q4 2012 due to the enlarging supply and fierce competition.

The coming industrial standards— Organophosphate Pesticides Industrial Pollutants Discharge Standard will promote the future development of glyphosate industry.

More and more agrochemical companies are strengthening the research on how to resolve the problem of weeds' resistance to glyphosate due to the increase of glyphosate-resistant weeds, and some companies have got much research findings up to now.

Glyphosate technical price increases slightly in October 2012.

Glyphosate technical export in August 2012: volume down 25.31% while price up 4.49% MoM.

Inner Mongolia Tenglong launches 20,000t/a glyphosate technical

Zhejiang Wynca suffers investment risk in trust business

Nantong Jiangshan to apply for credit to two financial institutions

Monsanto achieves the highest total net sales in fiscal year 2012 since its re-listing

Monsanto to release new product: RT4® herbicide

Southern Hemisphere's demand season may not boost glyphosate price further in Q4 2012

Coming industrial standards to promote future development of China's glyphosate industry

Research of mixed formulation containing glyphosate and other herbicides is accelerating

Glyphosate price still rises slightly in October 2012

Glyphosate technical export in August 2012: volume down 25.31% while price up 4.49% MoM

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Zhejiang Wynca;Nantong Jiangshan;Inner Mongolia Tenglong;Monsanto;BASF;Syngenta

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