Gold Bullion International Launches Institutional Metals Transfer Program

Feb 27, 2013, 09:00 ET from Gold Bullion International

NEW YORK, Feb. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Gold Bullion International (GBI), a leading provider of physical precious metals to the wealth management industry, announced today the launch of its Institutional Precious Metals Transfer Program. The program allows institutional investors to transfer their existing precious metals holdings to GBI and store metals in six global vaults operated by Brinks, Via-Mat, and Malca Amit.  Bars and coins of gold, silver, platinum and palladium are insured, audited and experience the enhanced liquidity provided by the GBI transactional platform.  

"We've designed the program to meet the increasing demand by investors to diversify their assets geographically," said Steven Feldman, CEO of GBI. "This is something that has become increasingly challenging given the decrease in global vaulting space caused by a variety of factors including regulatory changes. We've already witnessed a meaningful demand for the program, as new customers work through GBI to transfer their metals and take advantage of our global storing options."

GBI is the first institutional quality company to streamline the antiquated system of purchasing, vaulting and owning physical precious metals. Through its proprietary technology, orders are placed for competitive bid by GBI's network of dealers and refiners, ensuring that investors receive competitive pricing. The precious metals are also allocated to the client's name, unlike traditional bank and dealer processes, and unlike precious metals ETFs. The allocated metals are stored in non-bank vaults in New York, Salt Lake City, London, Zurich, Singapore and Melbourne.

"GBI remains committed to providing solutions to meet the growing demands of the global investment community," continued Mr. Feldman. "This program is just one example of that commitment."

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Gold Bullion International LLC (GBI) is a leading institutional precious metals provider to individual investors and the wealth management industry. GBI's technology and operations platform allows investors to acquire and manage their physical precious metals assets directly through GBI or through their existing wealth management account relationships. Precious metals are acquired a competitive institutional dealer network, stored on behalf of investors in protected and insured vaults in New York, Salt Lake City, London, Zurich, Melbourne and Singapore, and audited by one of the big four. GBI provides the easiest, safest and most reliable option for precious metals ownership. GBI, own what's real.

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