'Good Marketing Makes Your House Sell Faster', Do Estate Agents Often Get It Wrong?

Sep 15, 2016, 04:00 ET from Ready Steady Sell

GATESHEAD, England, September 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

David Sessford is a marketing expert and runs a successful online marketing agency in the North East of England. David's agency works closely in the UK property industry, and believes a number of estate agents are letting down homeowners when it comes to advertising their properties.  

When it comes to selling a property, there are often two things on a homeowner's mind. Speed; as in how quick a house will sell on the open market, and secondly, price; the anticipated return a home will achieve. Homeowners rely on estate agents to deliver results, and expect that a local estate agent will have the knowledge and experience to utilise all means necessary to achieve a property sale.

However, do estate agents always do everything possible to assist a house in selling? One marketing industry expert believe that a number of estate agents don't assist homeowners enough in terms of online advertising and selling advice.

David Sessford of internet agency Way Of The Website claims that a number of estate agents are missing the point entirely in terms of successfully marketing a property. "Marketing a property is just like marketing any other product, you need to emphasis the positivity's and maximise exposure," said Mr Sessford.

David went on to say: "A number of local agents don't even list on Rightmove or Zoopla, which instantly decreases the number of potential buyers able to see a property. This is a must for anyone looking to sell quickly in my opinion."

White Doors, Clean Windows & Sparkling Floors 

It's not just exposure that is the problem with local agents according to Mr Sessford, he also feels that homeowners are not given enough advice from estate agents on how to effectively assist with the marketing of their properties.

Recent statistics show having a white door increases your chances of selling a property by over 50 percent, and further research conducted by TSB shows an incredible '60% of Brits can't see past the details, and are instantly put off by poor paintwork, a scratched front doors and bad carpets'.

Estate Agents Aren't Photographers or Copywriters 

Mr Sessford also stated that some estate agents are "terrible" at writing ad-copy, and taking photographs. "I have seen some awful photographs on Rightmove, that really don't highlight a properties good points. In fact, some photographs would instantly make me not want to view a property," said David.

"As for ad-copy, it needs to be punchy, informative, but most of all sell the property. Has the property been reduced? Is it a bargain? Is it the only one available on an estate? These points all need to be mentioned wherever possible to assist with the sale of the property."

Free Selling Guide For Homeowners 

David is currently preparing a 58-page document which he aims to give away to customers on his website http://www.readysteadysell.co.uk, detailing his marketing tips to achieving a faster than average house sale.

The document will include everything from choosing décor to how to get the most out of an estate agent.

Ready Steady Sell offers cash to customers looking to sell quickly, but also offers free online advice about estate agents, valuations and the house sale process.

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