Good Ole Boy Author Chris Fountain Offers Satiric Personal View Of Life In A 'Whalefare' State In New Memoir 'Great Britain Blues'

Prays Obama Won't Lead America Down Same Sorry Road

Oct 24, 2012, 10:52 ET from Chris Fountain

NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Great" Britain Blues is a lyrically riveting, ribald autobiography of a Bombardier-guzzling, carousing ex-U.S. Airman who lives sparingly outside of London in a country he calls a "whalefare" state. 

Chris Fountain, originally from Ocala, Florida, whose childhood nickname was CAPTAIN REDNECK, writes his memoir as he speaks in gen-x lingo with a Southern drawl. 

When he's not writing songs, Fountain works his "bollocks" off to provide for his family, as a steel "polisher" "I just use a hand grinder all day cleaning up the welds that the fabricators did," he says.  Today he's worried President Obama is leading America down the same sorry road toward a "whalefare society" like Great Britain.

"In the U.S., you get three times more for your dollar than you do for your pound here, plus you can get a garden (yard) big enough for your kids to play in, behind a house that doesn't look like a f ____n' doll house. And you don't have to have the heater on all year round, just to f ___'n stay alive." 

Fountain says he prays President Obama won't crash land America into an entitlement quagmire like not so "Great" (anymore) Britain that's taxing its "subjects" insufferably and stunting their initiative to support themselves.

Here is a Welfare State
So don't vote Obama, hell no lord no, please not again!
'Cause very soon, we will be too, please not the USA!

Bawdy, vulgar in spots, with misogynisticly-sprinkled invective against birds he meets in bars, and occasionally marries, the book subtitled: "Life in a Welfare State," published by Raider Publishing International, is blazingly original in style and lyrics that take a vitriolic, often hilariously funny, satiric look at his own plights and the "whalefare" state that he says the British Isles have succumbed to.  

Many failed entrepreneurial parachute jumps ago, Fountain was stationed in England in the USAF, and since then a series of misadventures invariably land him in a heap of troubles that keep bringing on the blues, a wife who allegedly cheats on him, a bank that tries to clip him and two precious children he's devoted to as each chapter contains passionate, superbly poetic lyrics to 49 songs echoing his points about life, religion, taxes, weather and welfare. 

For those unemployed men and women struggling through the hope and change of Obama times, Fountain sees America heading toward the same overtaxed land and welfare morass that's gripped not so merry ole England, as today more is spent on welfare than on any other U.S. government program.

Fountain offers to everyone who visits his website, a 25% discount off the purchase price of the book using a "coupon code" he will provide. Discount valid between now and Election Day, Nov. 6.

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