GOODBYE 60/40. HELLO 50/30/20: Invesco Launches New Integrated Advertising Campaign

Advisors and investors urged to cut through the noise and embrace alternatives at the core of their portfolios

Jul 28, 2015, 10:00 ET from Invesco

ATLANTA, July 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- For decades, investors have used a traditional 60% stock/40% bond allocation within their portfolios.  Today Invesco is challenging that notion with the launch of a new advertising campaign focused on the belief that "the truth about alternatives is they're anything but."

"In the past, alternative investments were the exclusive domain of institutional and high-net-worth investors," said Walter Davis, Alternatives Strategist at Invesco.  "The Goodbye 60/40.  Hello 50/30/20 campaign highlights the point that different alternatives have the potential to help investors achieve their timeless investment goals of building wealth, preserving wealth and/or generating enhanced current income and should be seen as core building blocks of mainstream portfolios."

Created with an understanding that it is important to remember the past, the campaign encourages advisors to think about the future and, whether an alternatives allocation is 10%, 20% or more, alternatives can help prepare investors for opportunities and risks that lie ahead.

"We look forward to building upon the strong brand presence created by our ongoing advertising campaign centered on the importance of separating knowledge from noise when it comes to financial information," said Joanna Irwin, Head of US Marketing.  "Our new campaign delivers on this message by bringing helpful resources and a practical framework to advisors to help them rethink traditional portfolio construction and effectively make alternatives a core component of their clients' portfolios."

The new integrated campaign will do just that with print and digital advertising components, as well as a campaign-focused microsite with newly created content.  The new landing page includes videos and commentary from experts on Invesco's investment teams and thought leaders.  "Ask the Expert" is a new interactive tool with Walter Davis, an industry veteran who has more than two decades of experience.  It allows users to post a question about alternative investing and receive a direct response from Walter. 

"Today's investment world requires that firms embrace the adoption of new technologies in conjunction with traditional advertising and education efforts," said Irwin.   "As the markets continue to change, and the consumption of information by advisors and investors evolves, Invesco wants to ensure that we leverage all available delivery channels to offer tools and resources that help advisors meet their clients' unique needs."

Goodbye 60/40.  Hello 50/30/20 is the next phase of the existing Separating Knowledge from Noise campaign which portrays how ubiquitous, relentless and practically inescapable financial noise is. As a result, Invesco strives to provide the knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate through modern-day investing complexities that financial advisors face each day. 

The new advertising campaign is part of a broader firm initiative to provide advisors with the tools to help their clients effectively incorporate alternatives.  Last month, the firm's Consulting Group unveiled the findings of a year-long study on alternatives titled "Power of Alternatives," conducted in partnership with Maslansky + Partners, a research-driven language strategy firm.  The survey concluded that investors still do not have a good understanding of liquid alts and the role they can play in a diversified investment strategy.  

"The survey also concluded that there is a real opportunity for advisors to continue to demonstrate the need for working with a financial professional on asset allocation plans which include alternatives," said Davis.  "Investors need more digestible terms when it comes to understanding alternatives and also need to better understand how and why advisors are recommending the alternative managers they select." 

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