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Mar 23, 2011, 05:00 ET from

OLYMPIA, Wash., March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- recently launched its new, syndicated bi-weekly column "Dear";  aimed at answering real questions for real peoples' problems about psychotherapy, marriage counseling and mental health issues.


Questions sent to "Dear" are being resolved by's founder and CEO Noah Rubinstein, LMFT. The column is syndicated both online and through print after opening in February of this year. Rubinstein says that he hopes the answers to the hundreds of questions he has received since the column's launch, will help spread a healthy message of the many benefits of ethical and collaborative psychotherapy.

"Some people have questions about the psychotherapy process, while others are concerned about the conduct of their therapist or the progress and quality of their therapy," said Rubinstein.

Rubinstein said that the goal of his new column is to empower both the questioner and the column's readers, by arming them with the knowledge of what qualifies as a good therapeutic relationship. Unlike "Dear Abby" style advice-columns, where the goal is to supply specific instructions for dealing with a problem, "Dear" aims to inform and empower readers seeking therapy that truly works for them. But Rubinstein emphasizes that the answers and advice he gives, are not a substitute for professional assistance.

"It's important that the column's readers seek the kind of professional advice and insight that you can only receive from one-on-one interaction with a qualified therapist or counselor," Rubinstein explained. "Educating and informing therapy-seekers are the two most important core components of "Dear"

Promoting a healthy, ethical and collaborative psychotherapy relationship is one of the main objectives of and it achieves this by providing well-researched and cited material about psychology and psychotherapy, along with the issues treated by them. Rubinstein believes that this practice will help protect the consumer by educating them on the difference between healthy and unhealthy therapy practices, and protecting them from the small minority of therapists who can bring the practice into disrepute.

"The shroud of mystery that can surround the psychotherapy process can be lifted," Rubinstein explained, "leaving consumers less susceptible to the minority who misuse their power to meet their own needs at the expense of the client's, violate boundaries and treat clients in punitive and condescending ways."

Supporting the committed mental health professional is a further goal of, and one which it achieves through a comprehensive directory of therapists available to visitors to the website. The directory allows therapy seekers to locate and make contact with reputable, qualified and hand-screened mental-health experts practicing within their area. Every therapist within the therapist directory has been personally screened to ensure they meet the organizations stringent educational, licensure and philosophical guidelines. The Review, through which all therapist applicants undergo, assures that the therapist directory maintains the highest membership requirements industry wide.

"We're excited to see where 'Dear' leads," Rubinstein said. "As we talk with potential online partners, we're having some really great discussions about how their readers aren't just casually interested in therapy and mental health—these are topics that directly touch everyone's life at some point or another."

"Dear" is available online at:

For information on syndicating this column with your readers, contact through their contact page:

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