Goodzer's Free Apple Device App Enables Real-Time Product Searches Covering 15,000 New York City Area Retail Stores

iPhone and iTouch App Integrates Google Maps and In-Stock Alerts - Shoppers Save Valuable Time Searching Brick and Mortar Stores

Dec 07, 2010, 11:12 ET from Goodzer

NEW YORK, Dec. 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Goodzer, a unique online-to-offline search service, announced today the availability of its free iPhone and iTouch compatible application to enable mobile users full access to Goodzer's real-time product search.

Goodzer is a true product search application that allows users to quickly find products at the best price as close to their location as possible. Using the iPhone app, consumers are able to quickly search for and locate any imaginable consumer item from the new MacBook Air, to texts about the War of 1812, and anything in between. Results can be easily filtered based on physical proximity to the user's current location. The app includes a slider numbered from 0 to 10 which corresponds to the store search range in miles from the iPhone's current location. Google Maps directions and map integration also includes green and red dots to mark store locations and their respective in or out of stock merchandise status.

Goodzer's proprietary search algorithm includes every store that has a web presence, not just big-box retailers. Users of the Goodzer iPhone app can quickly find obscure items from thousands of specialty "mom and pop" stores throughout the New York City area.

Launched in the fall of 2010, Goodzer is the product of Co-Founder and CEO Dmitry Pakhomkin and Co-Founder Artem Zarutskiy. The service initially covers the five boroughs of New York City, and its scalable architecture will enable expansion for the entire United States and beyond.

"Daily life experiences center more and more around mobility and interconnectivity," said Mr. Pakhomkin. "It's easy to say your company's app combines the best of 'form and function,' but our Apple device app really pulls it off. With Goodzer on the iPhone or iTouch, you simply think about a product, search for it, find a retailer that has it in stock, and use the integrated map to find it. Our service bridges a disconnect that exists between the two worlds of mobile technology and brick and mortar shopping."

About Goodzer

Founded in the Spring of 2010, Goodzer is an online-to-offline search company that offers consumers a simple location-based service to find any consumer item. Founded by software engineers Dmitry Pakhomkin and Moscow-based Artem Zarutskiy, the company has received angel funding and is planning to scale to national and international retail coverage. A soft launch of the service for the five boroughs of New York City is scheduled before the start of the fall holiday shopping season. For more information, visit

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