Google Analytics Integrations Adds New Dimension to GatorMail's Reporting Capabilities

Jun 30, 2010, 11:07 ET from CommuniGator Ltd

GODALMING, England, June 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- As Google Analytics has now become the de facto standard website monitoring tool, the need for integration of email marketing and web analytics has never been greater. GatorMail now utilises Google's API to seamlessly integrate with analytics, offering invaluable insight to your email marketing campaigns (

As Google Analytics is a free piece of software its nature is that although having it switched on, most don't use it to its full potential. As well as showing an overview of daily website visitors, GA also makes it possible to visualise the main contributors to site traffic in a defined time period. The need to include email marketing in this mix is vital to marketing reporting and effective ROI calculation. CommuniGator have now developed a way to make this possible, using Google's own API, providing a full picture of the key contributors to digital marketing strategy, therefore giving the ability to deploy budget more effectively than ever before.

The referring source of the email (i.e. CommuniGator), campaign name, sending address and subject line are all passed to Google, allowing comprehensive reporting using the GA 'Advanced Segments' feature. Reporting by campaign will show the response of an individual email and by medium will allow comparison between email marketing, PPC, SEO and direct visitors as contributors to your incoming web traffic.

"Email marketing metrics have always been around open and click through rates, but now it's much better practice to focus on what's really important, conversion. Having the ability to track email activities inside of Google Analytics gives a 360 degree picture of how your company's website works, and in which areas of your digital strategy your budget should be focussed" - Lee Chadwick, MD, CommuniGator Ltd.

Chadwick goes on to say "We have adopted a policy of setting up our customers Google Analytics on their behalf where required and we have also recently run training days on GA to help them get the best out of the tool. A direct result of this initiative has been that our customer retention rate in 2010 is at a record high."

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