Google-Friendly High-Volume Organic Lead Generation Solution Hatches From Du Molin & Du Molin Incubator

DDI's new automated lead generation technology uses hyperlocal organic search to produce real-time leads on a national scale.

Jan 21, 2013, 09:31 ET from Du Molin & Du Molin, Inc.

BELVEDERE, Calif., Jan. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Du Molin & Du Molin, Inc. (DDI) announces its unique automated system that produces hyperlocal real-time leads using scalable organic search technology.  Developed under code name 'LeadFire', the system is designed using Google's best practices for design, content, quality and conversion.

LeadFire overcomes the three biggest obstacles that have been blocking online aggregators from lead acquisition at massive scale in local vertical markets:

  • Dynamic SEO
  • Personalization
  • and Google's dreaded Duplicate Content penalty.

"We developed LeadFire to align with Google's Webmaster Guidelines," says Peter Avritch, CTO of Du Molin & Du Molin, Inc., and chief architect of LeadFire. "LeadFire doesn't use tricks -- just sophisticated, elegant programming."

Proof comes from beta testing in the dental vertical in North American markets.  More than 700 participating dental practices selected their local markets for geo-targeting, along with their preferred dental patient sub markets -- such as braces, dentures, wisdom teeth, etc.  A total of 60,000 qualified leads were produced.

LeadFire's patent-pending technology automatically combines geo-targeting with important keywords from the vertical sub markets, and can publish highly-optimized marketing portals within minutes. The result is hundreds of Google-friendly web pages that attract targeted leads by showing up in the coveted top SERP positions.

These desirable SERP results occurred repeatedly and consistently during LeadFire's beta testing in the midst of Google's most fierce and sweeping algorithm changes to-date which specifically targeted keyword stuffing, low quality and duplicate content.

"LeadFire is the first organic lead generation technology of its kind.  There's no other organic lead gen solution out there that's automated, scalable, Google-friendly, fast...AND so easy to set up and manage," says Jim Du Molin, CEO of the Du Molin & Du Molin, Inc. venture capital group. "It's like the Lexus of lead gen -- just turn the key and get to your destination surrounded by quality and comfort."

LeadFire's financial model is based on licensing the technology to a limited number of lead aggregators wanting a high-volume of leads in different B2C professional services verticals.

For more information about the LeadFire technology, contact Peter Avritch, CTO of Du Molin & Du Molin, Inc., via LinkedIn, or visit

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