Google I/O: Do Androids Dream of Speaking?

May 11, 2011, 11:05 ET from Acapela Group

MOSCONE CENTER, SAN FRANCISCO, May 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Android devices will now speak volumes with Acapela TTS for Android, a specific Software Development Toolkit designed to meet developers needs, brought to them by Acapela Group, the bespoke inventor of smart vocal solutions.

25 languages and 51 pleasant voices are ready to give the say to Android apps through a few lines of codes, thanks to the easy to use and intuitive Java API.

Check out the website and get all the information you need to start developing smart talkative apps. Share the latest news, follow our topics on twitter and on the blog, access our FAQ, make direct contact with Acapela's Product Manager and enter the vocal dimension.

Special attention has been given to set up gateways between mobility different platforms. Developers already using the website will not have to register again and will be able to use the same ID and password to access the Android dedicated website and take advantage of it.

Similarity between APIs will allow developers to easily use content created for their apps and quickly adapt it for android purpose.

Following the success of, launched in June 2010, with a very positive feedback and dialogue installed with the developers, about 100 apps deployed using Acapela text to speech and over 900 000 downloads of Acapela voice-empowered apps by iPhone & iPad users, Acapela Group confirms its commitment towards mobility developers ands its capacity and will to provide them with specific solutions, perfectly answering their needs with straight forward tools, to efficiently support them to easily develop smart talking apps.

Key info:

- No need of data connection: Native TTS on device

- Works on Android 1.6 and higher (compatible with Android 3.0)

- Easy integration: thanks to the High Level API written in Java, developers will be able, with a minimum of code lines, to quickly and easily integrate speech synthesis into their application for Android

- Type and talk sample app + code

- Rich repertory of pleasant voices: easy integration of voices for enhanced intuitive multilingual interface with up to 25 Languages and 51 Voices

- Two voice formats: Low Footprint 20 to 30MB/voice and High Quality Medium (40 to 150MB/voice)

- Audio friendly: integrated with Android Audio Framework, to allow users to work effectively with music.

- Android market compatible pricing: royalties are based on a percentage of the selling price.

About Acapela Group -

Acapela Group, the leading voice expert, invents text to speech solutions to give your content a voice in up to 30 languages and helps its customers to build their 'Voice strategy', to add audible value to their services and applications through the spoken word. Acapela speech solutions enable any written text to be turned into natural speech files, using any of the 60 High Quality standard voices or an organization's/company's own synthesized voice talent - produced through Acapela Voice Factory - for improved market recognition and audio-brand visibility. Over 1000 companies around the world have already adopted Acapela high quality voices to voice-empower their products and services, in very different markets. Check out, Acapela Group's sparkling laboratory with over 75 million talking cards created and shared, the Acapela on-line service for smart vocalization and to develop talkative apps, for easy all-rights-included, on-demand, sound file production.

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