Google Updates Force Reputation Defense Companies to Evolve

Google is constantly updating its algorithms, but the recent Penguin update may have been the most expansive overhaul of them all—forcing companies like Reputation Changer to immediately adapt.

Jun 06, 2012, 08:00 ET from Reputation Changer

NEW YORK, June 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Many users take search engines for granted, assuming that Google will always be available, its services never changing or wavering. In reality, however, search engines are changing all the time—and none more so than Google, which receives algorithmic updates hundreds of times over the course of a year. Many of Google's updates are minor "data refreshes," ensuring that the search results it offers are up-to-date and relevant, but sometimes the Google masterminds unveil an update that is truly expansive, and at times disruptive. Such was the case with the recent Google "Penguin" update, an overhaul so expansive that it forced SEO and reputation management professionals, including companies like Reputation Changer, to immediately adapt.

Certainly, the Penguin update was major, though not entirely unexpected. Google has long proven zealous for ensuring that its search results are as light on "spam" and disreputable content as possible, with a series of "Panda" updates seeking to rid the search engine of any shady or low-quality websites. The Penguin update took this approach to a new level, however, and resulted in many websites being de-indexed from Google altogether.

Many members of the online search industry responded in panic, but a few online reputation management companies took the whole thing in stride. Cliff Stein, the General Manager of Reputation Changer, says algorithmic updates are par for the course with Google—and with the reputation defense industry in general. "Google is constantly changing, to say nothing of Yahoo and Bing," confirms Stein. "As such, it is vital that reputation management companies adapt along with the search engines. Being flexible, willing to constantly revise and evolve, is what it takes to succeed in this business."

Yet, Stein says not all reputation management companies are so quick to respond to Google's frequent updates. "There are many companies in the industry that essentially work from a template," Stein observes. "A cookie-cutter approach just doesn't work, though, in large part due to how often Google itself changes."

Reputation Changer is unique within its industry, working not from a template but from customized plans, built from scratch every time a new client is brought on board. "Each client we receive gets an action plan tailored to meet their needs, which really serves two purposes," explains Stein. "One, it allows us to make sure our campaigns meet the given objectives of each individual client. Just as importantly, though, it allows us to adapt to Google, and to stay on our toes as far as new conventions in online search."

Stein goes on to say that reputation management is largely based in strong search engine optimization techniques—so staying abreast of new Google updates is truly make-or-break for companies like Reputation Changer. "A lot of reputation management firms will use paid links or other shady, less-than-reputable SEO techniques in order to fuel their campaigns," says Stein. "However, those are precisely the kinds of practices that Penguin is seeking to crush. Reputation management firms that don't adapt to these algorithmic updates are ultimately not going to have much effect, if any at all."

Google's Penguin update is designed to weed out "spam" and focus the search experience on content that is relevant, readable, and useful for individual readers. "The way to succeed on Google, in a post-Penguin world, is to emphasize the creation of unique and compelling content—content that people will actually want to read," offers Stein. That is precisely the approach taken by his company, which creates high volumes of compelling content in order to serve its clients.

"We are always hard at work, keeping up to date with Google and mastering the best ways to portray our clients in a positive light," Stein concludes. "That's just what companies and individuals ought to look for in a reputation management firm."


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