Google's Gmail Priority Inbox Mimics Messagemind Dynamic Prioritization™, Already Available for Microsoft Outlook Users

Aug 31, 2010, 17:29 ET from Messagemind

NEW YORK, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Messagemind Inc., a leading provider of email overload solutions for the enterprise, today announced that it offers the same functionality – and more – for Microsoft Outlook users that Google is now touting in its beta launch of Priority Inbox for Gmail. Messagemind's proven, patent-pending Dynamic Prioritization™ technology integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, and is currently used by thousands of users worldwide to intuitively prioritize and organize email communications across the enterprise.

The launch of Google's Priority Inbox reinforces the importance of addressing the productivity losses that can stem from email overload, an especially critical issue for busy enterprise users. According to market research, more than 70 percent of business users currently rely on Microsoft Outlook to manage their email communications. While Google has launched an 'experimental' technology for Gmail users, Messagemind's offering is already well-established and successfully in production in large enterprises across the globe.

"Google is shedding an important light on the urgency of dealing with email overload, which can quickly overwhelm business users and dramatically impact productivity," said Manish Sood, CEO of Messagemind. "We welcome more awareness of the technologies that can help solve information overload, and continue to work closely with our enterprise clients to bring the most effective solutions to the market."

Messagemind's Dynamic Prioritization™ uses intelligent algorithms to accurately learn individual, group and enterprise email priorities. Each email in the Outlook inbox and every subfolder is automatically assigned a color-coded priority category, using the scale Very High, High, Medium, Low, and Someday. Different views are provided within Outlook to display email organized by priority, making it easy for users to identify and stay focused on top priorities. The priority level of an email can be changed with a single click; Messagemind's algorithms then use this feedback to adjust automatically, and further improve prioritization accuracy. Individual users benefit from the collective knowledge of their colleagues, and companies can easily implement policies such as marking all client communications as high priority.

Messagemind's solutions leverage a company's existing email infrastructure, whether hosted in the company's own data centers or by a third-party. The company provides a full range of email productivity & business intelligence products that draw out knowledge, ideas and relationships that might otherwise be buried deep in users' mailboxes – saving company's money and accelerating innovation. A global pharmaceutical client recently projected that Messagemind's Dynamic Prioritization™ technology will reduce the time its employees spend on email management by 40 percent, saving millions of dollars within its first year of implementing the solution.

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Messagemind ( provides a suite of easy-to-use intelligent software and services that are helping global enterprises and government customers leverage email overload to increase productivity, accelerate innovation and enhance customer service. Messagemind is the only company that offers complete email productivity and business intelligence software including Dynamic Prioritization™, workflow best practices, dynamic social network analysis, productivity analytics and reporting at all levels – all in compliance with EU and other country-specific laws and company policies. Messagemind working with its select partners including Microsoft and HP, among others, offers a global reach for implementation, support and management consulting services.

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