Gordian Group Assists State of Arizona in Launching Job Order Contracting Program

Mar 30, 2011, 07:55 ET from The Gordian Group, Inc.

MAUDLIN, S.C., March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Gordian Group® announced hundreds of State Agencies and State Purchasing Cooperative Members (cities, counties, school districts and others) across Arizona will be able to use its Job Order Contracting system beginning in mid-May 2011 to complete maintenance, repair and alteration work on buildings, roadways and other government-owned facilities.

Gordian's Job Order Contracting system will benefit over 500 customers once the program, introduced by the Arizona State Procurement Office, is up and running. The primary focus of the system will be for projects valued up to $1 million.

Eligible customers will have several options including the use of the Job Order Contracting system through Gordian's EZIQC® portal. An added benefit includes utilizing The Gordian Group's expertise in assisting in the process of ordering work.  EZIQC allows customers to benefit from the advantages of a Job Order Contracting system without the need to develop the program on their own.

The Gordian Group's Job Order Contracting system is a competitively solicited construction procurement system. It enables facility owners to complete large numbers of repair, alteration, maintenance and construction projects for less money and time than traditional procurement methods.

Unlike traditional bidding, where each project is identified, designed or engineered and then put out to bid, Job Order Contracting is able to fast-track the process by establishing prices prior to work requirements being identified.

Elizabeth Casteel, Senior Procurement Specialist, said Arizona will benefit from Gordian Job Order Contracting because it is a project delivery method designed to get repair, maintenance and alteration work done expeditiously.

"One challenge has been that money gets allocated for projects but the contract review process, solicitation process and award process, in addition to other necessary preparations, make it difficult to complete the project before the monetary allocation expires," Casteel said. "We expect Job Order Contracting will save Arizona time and money and help the state operate more efficiently."

Arizona officials expect to make awards for Job Order Contracts to cover each of seven distinct regions across the state to provide construction services under the Gordian's Job Order Contracting System.

"Working with the Arizona Office of Procurement has been a pleasure," said Robert Coffey, President and CEO of The Gordian Group. "The Office of Procurement recognized the value of Gordian's Job Order Contracting System and made it available to all agencies in the State."

"We know Arizona agencies will realize new levels of cost and time efficiencies resulting in significant cost savings for taxpayers," Coffey said, "just like we have seen in New York, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Texas and other states."

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