Gorkana US Offers a New Way to Monitor News -- The Gorkana Daily

Media clipping product bridges Gorkana's industry-leading media database and premium analytics to provide a best-in-class, four-in-one PR tool

Jul 08, 2013, 15:00 ET from Gorkana US

NEW YORK, July 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Gorkana US today announced a new product, The Gorkana Daily, a media clipping service that combines leading-edge technology and experienced experts to provide an efficient and copyright-compliant way to read and share company and competitor news. Available via email and online, The Gorkana Daily is the final piece in Gorkana's new four-in-one, integrated portal, which, together with Gorkana's market-leading media database, premium analysis service, and Radar social media tool, offers a full suite of services for PR professionals to connect, communicate, and calculate the success of their communication efforts.

"We are very excited to begin offering this four-in-one service in the US," said Jeni Chapman, Managing Director, Gorkana US. "The Gorkana Daily meets the needs of our clients— to have actual people reading their coverage and compiling only the most important stories in a format that can easily be shared, even at the executive level. Our Gorkana monitoring business has been extremely successful in the UK for over a century, and we will apply this deep level of expertise, coupled with our ongoing focus on high-quality data and analysis, to offer a product that erases a universally time-consuming task— compiling meaningful summaries of coverage every day. And, we will do it by 7 a.m."

In a world powered by technology, turning on a fire hose of information with traditional media monitoring software can be overpowering and unwieldy. The Gorkana Daily is an efficient solution that combines powerful technology with thoughtful, experienced analysts who are skilled at creating relevant and targeted searches, removing duplicates and unwanted results, and demonstrating the value and success of PR and communication strategies based on customer objectives. Customers will get professional, personalized summaries of the most important coverage, in time for early-morning reading, and distributed online, by email, and on mobile devices.

Leveraging Gorkana's global alliances, Gorkana US now offers a full suite of PR products and services to customers through MyGorkana.com. Fast and powerful, My Gorkana is supported by in-depth, local expertise so customers can have total confidence in planning, executing, and driving media intelligence strategies. Visit http://mygorkana.com for more information, or http://gorkana.us/pr-products/the-gorkana-daily/ for more about the Gorkana Daily.

About Gorkana:
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