got milk? Campaign Helps Fund Athletes' Goals

Athletes Nationwide Invited to Refuel with Chocolate Milk and Vie for One of 100 Refuel Grants at

Mar 31, 2011, 09:00 ET from Milk Processor Education Program

WASHINGTON, March 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The elite athletes, coaches and trainers of Team Refuel know lowfat chocolate milk is a delicious and scientifically proven way to effectively refuel your body after a hard workout.  Now, the National Milk Mustache "got milk?"® Campaign is looking to expand the team with outstanding athletes nationwide by awarding 100 Refuel Grants to help individuals and groups pursue their athletic goals – whether it's new training gear, travel expenses for the big competition or entry fees for the whole team.

From March 31, 2011, through January 15, 2012, individual athletes and athletic groups who give it their all and then refuel with chocolate milk can apply for a shot at joining athletes like Apolo Ohno, Chris Bosh and Dara Torres on Team Refuel and receive a $250 Individual Athlete Refuel Grant or a $500 Athletic Group Refuel Grant. Plus, all grant recipients score Team Refuel training gear.  

"Athletes who choose lowfat chocolate milk after strenuous exercise benefit from recovering faster for the next game or workout – and the science supports it," said Cal Dietz, Team Refuel member and head strength and conditioning coach at the University of Minnesota. "I'm glad to be part of a program that helps athletes perform their best by reinforcing effective recovery techniques and supports them by providing funds to help them achieve their athletic goals."

Ready for Some Friendly Competition?

Adult athletes and athletic organizations who refuel with chocolate milk can visit and complete a simple application that includes submitting a photo and a 150-word-or-less entry describing why they want to join the team, how lowfat chocolate milk helps them refuel, and how they will use the athletic grant money should they be selected.

Applicants must then rally friends and family to vote for their application. The top five individuals who receive the most votes each month will each receive a $250 Individual Athlete Refuel Grant, and the five athletic groups with the most votes will each receive a $500 Athletic Group Refuel Grant.  

Nature's Recovery Drink

Refueling after exercise, especially during the two-hour recovery window, is key in helping the body recover and prepare for the next workout or competition.  Naturally nutrient-rich, lowfat chocolate milk is "nature's recovery drink."  It's a simple and effective post-exercise recovery choice, with:

  • high-quality protein to build and repair muscles;
  • the right mix of protein and carbs to refuel exhausted muscles; and
  • fluids and electrolytes to rehydrate and help replenish what's lost in sweat.

A growing body of research supports lowfat chocolate milk's recovery benefits.  Most recently, a series of four studies presented at the American College of Sports Medicine suggests that drinking lowfat or fat free chocolate milk after exercise can help the body retain, replenish and rebuild muscle and could even help prepare muscles to perform better in a subsequent bout of exercise. (1-4)

Chocolate milk naturally has many of the nutrients most commercial sports drinks have to add in the lab – including high-quality protein and key electrolytes like calcium, potassium and magnesium.  In fact, the more beverage companies innovate new technologies for post-exercise nutrition, the closer they get to the nutrient mix and vitamin/mineral profile that has always existed in lowfat chocolate milk.  

Lowfat chocolate milk also contains the same nine essential nutrients as white milk, including key vitamins and minerals your body needs every day – and, of course, it tastes great, too.  

Refueling Athletes Coast-to-Coast

The Refuel With Chocolate Milk program encourages athletes to rethink their sports drink.  In addition to the Refuel Grants program, the Milk Mustache got milk? Campaign will be launching a Refuel with Chocolate Milk Tour in late April that will stop at marathons, triathlons, soccer camps and other sporting events across the country to help athletes refuel with lowfat chocolate milk.

"With so many athletes now choosing chocolate milk to rehydrate, replenish and rebuild their bodies after a tough workout, we're thrilled that we can recognize and reward local athletes by providing support to help them achieve their athletic goals," said Vivien Godfrey, CEO of the Milk Processor Education Program.

To learn more about the science behind the recovery benefits of chocolate milk, get tips from top athletes and trainers and view the Refuel Grant Official Application Guidelines, visit

About the National Milk Mustache "got milk?"® Campaign

The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), Washington, D.C., is funded by the nation's milk processors, who are committed to increasing fluid milk consumption. The National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board, through MilkPEP, runs the National Milk Mustache "got milk?"® Campaign, a multi-faceted campaign designed to educate consumers about the health benefits of milk.  For more information, go to Deutsch, A Lowe and Partners Company, is the creative agency for the National Milk Mustache "got milk?"® Campaign.


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SOURCE Milk Processor Education Program