Government kowtows to Corporate America but neglects small businesses, entrepreneurs tell

Feb 28, 2013, 08:55 ET from

LONDON, February 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The interests of large corporations are invariably prioritized over those of small businesses, most business sellers believe.

A survey of thousands of prospective business buyers, sellers and business brokers revealed a groundswell of resentment towards Washington policymakers.

Seventy-eight percent of respondents who were selling a business through think federal economic policy serves the needs of big business to the detriment of America's 23 million small firms, which account for 55% of all US jobs. More than half (51%) strongly agreed with this statement.

A clear majority also believe that tax authorities punish small businesses punitively while treating corporate tax evaders leniently. Forty-three percent strongly agreed with this assertion and 35% agreed to some extent, with just 2.8% disagreeing to any extent.

Nearly four in five - 78% - of respondents who were planning to sell a business also agreed that burdensome regulation was proliferating and becoming more complex, with 48% strongly agreeing. Nineteen percent had no opinion either way, leaving just 2% that felt the regulatory burden was easing.

Andrew Markou, CEO and co-founder of, says:

"Our survey reveals widespread dissatisfaction among small-business owners about how they're treated compared to multimillion dollar companies.

"Whether its tax evasion or red tape, it's often one rule for corporate America and another for the mom-and-pop store.

"But while Big Business has shed four million jobs since 1990, small businesses have created eight million jobs for the US economy. Helping small businesses is clearly the easiest way to boost the recovery."

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