Grading The NFL Draft Using Twitter

May 02, 2013, 16:46 ET from CSE

ATLANTA, May 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- With the 2013 NFL Draft behind us, it seems like everyone has an opinion on how each of the 32 franchises fared with their selections over the weekend. Sports networks, writers, bloggers and even casual fans all have their own ratings and draft commentary.

Full-service marketing agency CSE ( opted to let the collective voice of Twitter determine which teams had the best and worst drafts. Using Topsy and analyzing the sentiment of more than 700,000 tweets during the draft window, CSE developed a grading system which scored the teams based on the following:

  • Negative points for all tweets with a negative tone
  • Positive points for all tweets with a positive tone
  • An established baseline for the percentage of tweets that were neutral in nature

CSE averaged the draft ratings published by experts from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports and Bleacher Report and compared the two.

Fans and experts generally agreed on teams' selections: 81 percent of the teams' grades (fans v. experts) were within one grade level of each other, with the fan sentiment aligning perfectly with the experts for six NFL teams: Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers.

There were six cases in which fans and the experts were apart by more than a full letter grade. The biggest differences in which the fans sentiments were more negative than the experts were (In order): Jacksonville Jaguars (Fan Grade: C, Expert Grade: A-), Baltimore Ravens (C+, A-), Cincinnati Bengals (C+, A-), New York Jets (D+, B-) and St. Louis Rams (B-, A).

In just one case, fans showed a more positive sentiment over the experts - the Indianapolis Colts (B+, C+).

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