Graffitti Turns Gold For Social Enterprise Winner Rebel Nell L3C

Apr 14, 2015, 14:49 ET from Gingras Global LLC

DETROIT, April 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 13, 2015 local business Rebel Nell L3C won the Gingras Global Social Enterprise Sustainability and Standards Achievement Award. Rebel Nell follows a social enterprise model as an innovative approach, which emphasizes social and business sustainability. The industry's focused on improving and empowering businesses through socially mindful goals. Gingras Global LLC, a Michigan based social enterprise development and service firm, strategically includes a business's operational infrastructure as an essential component to success.  For years, Gingras Global has been committed to excellence by establishing a gold standard for social enterprise entrepreneurship programming. In-depth client assessments determine the adaptation and integration of the Gingras Global standards. The businesses are then awarded and celebrated.

Gingras Global rewarded Rebel Nell team members, noting the collaborative effort to reach this Olympic-achievement.  Each artist received well-deserved individual and team recognition. The ceremony highlighted Rebel Nell L3C for implementing the unprecedented professional standards including maintaining increasing sustainable financial growth.

Detroit based Rebel Nell L3C founded by Amy Peterson and Diana Russell empowers women through art. They employ disadvantaged women to collect and repurpose pieces of fallen graffiti, turning them into fabulous jewelry and transforming art on walls into art you can wear. Rebel Nell has had a direct impact on many people's lives by educating and assisting in facilitating a transition for these women towards more independent and financially stable lives.

Rebel Nell's Amy Peterson exclaimed, "We are tremendously excited to be the recipients of the Gingras Global Award.  The Gingras system has kept us on track with financial growth and reaching business goals all while preserving the most important part of our business, social impact." For more information contact

In addition to awards, Gingras Global supports businesses through providing products and services that are consistent with the goals of social enterprise. Rebel Nell took part in many of them including assessments, reporting and opportunities to bridge their business with investors Through supporting sustainable business practices, Gingras Global aims to stimulate economic development and connect growth with improvements in the livelihoods of people around the world.  Gingras Global congratulates Rebel Nell L3C is a prime example the powerful impact a Social Enterprise business can have when committing to an policy of gold standards.

SOURCE Gingras Global LLC