Grand Canyon Ranch Introduces Buffalo Into the Arizona Wilderness

Jun 16, 2010, 15:00 ET from Grand Canyon Ranch

GRAND CANYON, Ariz., June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Nigel Turner, owner of Grand Canyon Ranch has introduced wild Bison on his private guest ranch, located at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon (



"This is an incredible opportunity for visitors from all over the globe to experience an escorted horseback or horse-drawn wagon "safari" to get 'up close and personal' with a vital part of American history. It strikes a raw nerve with the guests who visit our Ranch where they can get very close to one of these magnificent animals," said Turner.

He added that, "Not since the days depicted in 'Dances with Wolves' has America seen hundreds of Bison living freely on the American plains.  Only here at the Grand Canyon Ranch can you have that type of adventure experience of seeing these magnificent animals."

Noting that in the early 1800's some 30 million Bison roamed the American plains, Turner (who holds a degree in Zoology), is eager to be a vocal promoter and steward of these endangered animals. "There is a deep emotional connection that Americans have seeing Buffalo not only preserved but growing and thriving in a secluded and protected natural environment. The Buffalo is part of us - they are enshrined in the hopes and dreams of the Wild West and we simply cannot allow them to be lost forever."

Buffalo "Safaris"

Keen to bring tourists to his Arizona Ranch, the 165 sq mile Grand Canyon Ranch offers Buffalo "Safaris" by horseback or horse-drawn wagon where visitors can have the ultimate "Western Experience."

In one day, guests can visit the Grand Canyon by helicopter with Heli USA Airways, land and experience the historic ranch, be entertained by professional western entertainers and go on a buffalo "safari" either on horseback or horse-drawn wagon.  

"Growing up in Manchester, England I watched Western movies and fantasized about the Wild West. My lifelong dream has now come true by owning a magnificent ranch and the opportunity to introduce the Buffalo back into the American wilderness. It is so gratifying to see the excited faces of visitors when they see the Buffalo in their natural habitat rather than in a zoo," said Turner.

John Power, VP Sales and Marketing for Grand Canyon Ranch added that more information on the new buffalo "safaris" can be found at, or through tour operators worldwide, adding, "we have only been operating the new buffalo tours for a few days and I am pleased that more than 80% of our visitors have been coming to see the Buffalo. One Buffalo can grow to more than 2,000 lbs. They are magnificent animals to see and photograph against the unmistakable beauty of the Grand Canyon Ranch."

About the Grand Canyon Ranch

The Grand Canyon Ranch ( is a unique alternative to standard Grand Canyon hotels and motels and is the only historic 165 square mile working cattle ranch in which guests can stay in their very own Private Pine Cabin or Authentic Indian Tipi. 

Situated 14 miles from the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon Ranch is just 2-1/2 hours from Las Vegas, Nevada and is available by direct helicopter flights via Heli USA (

Additional information on the new buffalo safaris can be found at, or from tour operators worldwide.

For reservations and general information please visit the company's website, phone toll free within the USA at 1 800.359.8727, or direct +1 702.736.8787 (6 a.m. to 10 p.m. PDT).

SOURCE Grand Canyon Ranch