Grand Mayan Scam Reports Revealed as False Gossip as Guests Continue to Flock to the Luxury Hotel

Feb 13, 2014, 11:12 ET from

The rumors of deception at the Grand Mayan may have spread online but they haven't deterred vacationers from enjoying the comfort that the Mexican resort has to offer.

CANCUN, Mexico, Feb. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Rumors of deception and fraud at the Grand Mayan family of resorts have been exposed as dishonest attempts to slander the group. The Grand Mayan scam allegations have not deterred guests from visiting the hotel and seeing firsthand everything the company has to offer. Despite the unfounded allegations being circulated, the Grand Mayan welcomed record numbers of guests this past holiday season, with people flocking to the resort from all around the globe. When given a choice between believing the fraudulent chatter or the testimony of actual guests, travelers are choosing to listen to people with direct knowledge of the resort and are showing up in droves.

The Grand Mayan scam reports are nothing new for the resort, which is forced to live with the attacks against them. When the holiday season begins competition is fierce in the travel industry and any advantage a group can get is one they will gladly take. In another time these reports would be taken as truth, but in the Internet age regular people can have their voices heard and have started to realize that every opinion is just as valid as the last. No resort is immune to negative reviews, it's impossible to please everybody, but there is a noticeable difference between the negative reviews written by guests with hands on experience at the resort and the ones written with a voice so vague that it is clear the author has never set foot on the hotel's property.

These tactics are from an era where customers didn't have a voice and needed to rely on anything they could read to form an opinion. Today, everybody's opinion is important and the amount of people visiting the Grand Mayan proves that they would rather take the advice of past customers than listen to false gossip.