Grand Solmar Timeshare Warns of Airport Scams When Traveling

The Grand Solmar Timeshare Scam Reduction Squad provides a list of common travel scams that occur in airports to spread awareness to travelers.

Jul 21, 2014, 04:00 ET from Grand Solmar Timeshare

CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico, July 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- It is very important for any traveler or vacationer that every aspect of their trip goes on without a hitch, and the Grand Solmar Timeshare scam reduction squad knows that falling victim to scammers can be hard to recover from. If a traveler is scammed at the beginning of their trip, it will oftentimes make it difficult to enjoy any aspect of a trip. There are scammers everywhere who want to take advantage of travelers, and it may seem to some travelers that it is impossible to avoid them, but this is simply not true. It is easy for travelers to foil these scammers' plans if they know what to look for.

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The Grand Solmar Timeshare scam reduction squad wants to help travelers prepare for any situation, even the ones that they may least expect. Believe it or not, airports are a common place for scammers to strike, but with the knowledge provided below, travelers will be able to keep themselves safe.

The scheme that most often happens in the airport is scammers running off with travelers' belongings while they are distracted, especially while they are going through security checkpoints. Some scammers will snatch the items out of the carry-ons of the travelers in front of them in line, while others will deliberately hold up the line to distract everyone while a partner nabs valuables that have gone through the x-ray machine. The Grand Solmar Timeshare scam reduction squad knows how easy it can be to get distracted in the hustle and bustle of an airport, and warns that the busy atmosphere is exactly what the scammers want to take advantage of. If travelers allow themselves to lose track of their valuables, they may find themselves falling victim to one of these scams.

Those who are planning on flying in the future should know how important it is to keep track of their belongings at all times. Travelers are also advised to wait until their bag has gone through security until they go through themselves, and to make sure their bag gets brought along for additional screening if needed. Finally, travelers should always double check their belongings after going through security to make sure that everything is in place. Taking these measures will help them keep track of their things and avoid losing their valuables to airport scammers so that they can carry on with a great trip. For more information on amazing chances for travel and tips on staying safe while vacationing from Grand Solmar Timeshare visit

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