Grand Travel Worldwide Advises on Travel Scams to Watch Out for in 2014

The Grand Travel Worldwide scam prevention team is bring to light some of the most recent travel scams encountered by vacationers in an attempt to make the vacation experience as seamless an experience as possible.

Apr 23, 2014, 14:23 ET from Grand Travel Worldwide


LOS ANGELES, April 23, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- TheGrand Travel Worldwide scamprevention team exists to show travelers how scam artists and thieves are attempting to exploit their good nature. These criminals know that while people are on vacation, they often let their guard down and become carried away with relaxed mentalities -- making them easy targets for tricky scam artists.

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Continuing to cement its position as the best in member service, Grand Travel Worldwide is releasing several scam avoidance tips to better prepare its members to have a safe and enjoyable vacation experience.

The first scam that the Grand Travel Worldwide scam prevention team wants to highlight involves luggage and baggage security. When traveling, it is common knowledge to never allow belongings to leave your sight. Thieves may be watching and waiting for travelers to turn around so that they can swoop in and make off with a pocketbook or cell phone. Travelers should constantly be aware of how much luggage they are traveling with.

A new scam developing all around the world are cab drivers who offer to unload luggage while a traveler checks in. The driver will carry the luggage into the lobby of the resort, but leave one bag in the trunk and drive away before the traveler notices they are missing a bag. The best way to combat this is for travelers to unload their own luggage and always be aware of how many objects are in their possession.

Another scam highlighted by the Grand Travel Worldwide scam prevention team is the so-called "Wake Up Call" scam. This scam involves criminals harassing resort guests, posing as resort staff members. The criminal will call resort guest's rooms at very early hours like three or four in the morning. Pretending the be guest services, the criminal will attempt to trick the guest to giving up credit card numbers and other personal information, while the guest is dazed from just being woken up. Being called at such an unorthodox hour should be an immediate red flag for travelers that something is not right.  Travelers should end the phone call, and unplug the telephone from the wall if any harassment continues. Alert the front desk to the activity the next morning.

By understanding how criminals are attempting to exploit them, Grand Travel Worldwide hopes that travelers will be better prepared than ever before in regards to avoiding being targeted by travel scams in 2014.

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