Grapple® Brand Apples: A Nutritious Snack that Fits Every Lifestyle

"Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day"

Apr 01, 2013, 18:03 ET from Grapple Brand Apples

SELAH, Wash., April 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- All consumers—busy parents, active kids, athletes, vegetarians, students of all ages—are encouraged to make healthy food choices that take into account individual preferences and lifestyles. Grapple® Brand Apples fit the bill when it comes to making good choices.

Parents know that getting kids to eat healthy snacks can require some ingenuity. What can you do when kids start turning away from snack choices they see as being the "same old same old"? Try exploring new flavor combinations. Offer Grapple® Brand Apples, which combine the fresh, familiar flavor of Washington apples with the aroma and taste of Concord grapes. They literally "crunch like an apple, and taste like a grape™", and there is nothing else out in the marketplace quite like them.

And Grapples® aren't just for kids. They're a nutritious and tasty choice for anyone looking for a quick, portable, out-of-the ordinary snack. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics mentions these groups as being particularly challenged when it comes to finding snacks that are healthy, low in calories and suited to their active lives:

Working people. Busy work days and business travel can require on-the-fly snacks. For desktop dining or snacks to go, keep Grapples® on your desk or in the office fridge. They're easily portable in a purse or briefcase—or in a blazer pocket!

Athletes. Whether you're a competitive athlete or just enjoy working out, what you eat affects your performance. Your body needs healthy fuel to function at its best, so it's wise to eat a light snack before you exercise. The health benefits of Grapples® are just the same as other varieties of apples. The process of making them does not add extra sugar, calories, carbohydrates or anything else; the apple maintains its natural supply of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fiber.

Students. The student lifestyle, especially in college, can be fast-paced and low-budget. Stock up on smart, easy-to-grab snacks that combine protein and carbohydrates to energize your brain and your muscles for the day's activities.

Vegetarians. People who don't eat meat can have limited choices in restaurants, cafeterias, and friends' homes, so toting Grapples® is a great solution for snacks or meal accompaniments. And Grapples® have no unhealthy additives and are not genetically modified. They are fresh, premium apples that are infused with concentrated grape flavor and pure water. The grape flavoring is the same as that you would get out of Mother Nature's grapes themselves. All ingredients are USDA and FDA approved and the process has been licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

The process of making a Grapple Brand Apple takes place after the fruit has been received from the orchards. The apples maintain their natural supply of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fiber. They do not contain soy, gluten or wheat-based products.

The nutrition found in a Grapple® resembles that of any apple.
Each Grapple® contains approximately:
80 calories
0g fat
0g cholesterol
0g sodium
170 mg potassium
25g carbohydrate
4g of dietary fiber
19g sugar
And they are high in fiber and have a low glycemic index. 

Grapple® Brand Apples are widely available in grocery stores nationwide from October through May. They are sold in a 4-pack clamshell with an average MSRP of $3.49-5.99 or in a 4-pack poly sleeve with an average MSRP of $2.99-$3.99.

About Grapple® Brand Apples
Grapple® Brand Apples are the quintessential perfect healthy snack for kids of all ages. Through a patented process, premium Washington State apples are infused with grape flavor to create a product that "Crunches like an Apple, Tastes like a Grape™". For more information call 800-232-2636 or visit and Facebook @

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