Grasslands Thaw Out Only to Catch Fire Over Easter

Apr 09, 2013, 14:24 ET from Turfland Farms Ltd

THETFORD, Norfolk, April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

The unseasonably chilly spring was bad news for areas of grassland because snow cover and hard soil spread turf diseases and affect growth. However, now that the freezing springtime seems to be warming up, there have been reports of grass fires around the country (see BBC News and This is Cheshire). The Turf Online team are there to help people deal with the challenges affecting portions of grassland they maintain.

The dry weather and increased sunlight seen over the Easter weekend has dried areas of grassland out. When grass dries out it becomes a fire hazard. External influences like cigarettes and camp fires can create just the right spark for grass fires to spread and cause all sorts of damage to wildlife, the environment and even homes and gardens.

The grass itself recovers. It's incredibly resilient and grows back in areas where other types of plant life are totally wiped out. However, this is no good for those who managed areas of park land and green spaces. It simply takes too long for the grass to reclaim the area and until it does the grassland will not appear lush, healthy and attractive.

Fortunately, the team at are there to help. They grow high quality turf in controlled conditions where it is completely protected from grass fires and it is cared for and maintained perfectly. They make use of the ideal growing conditions in areas in the North West of England and Norfolk to produce turf that is bursting with health.

This turf can be introduced to areas of land that have been spoiled by grass fires and with the right care it will bed in quickly. Those who manage the green spaces affected need only keep the new turf watered and fed to see it thrive and instantly restore the visual impact of the land they maintain.

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SOURCE Turfland Farms Ltd