Gravity4 Completes Integration of Nine Companies into Gravity4 Marketing Cloud, Achieves Profitability in Q2, and on a path toward $100 million global revenue for its first operational year

May 19, 2015, 08:00 ET from Gravity4

SAN FRANCISCO, May 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Gravity4 announced it has completed its full integration across all nine acquired companies as part the vision to create the one-click revolution. The Gravity4 Marketing Cloud allows a marketer to run search, native, and programmatic media worldwide while disrupting software by offering its enterprise app center, free to brands, marketers, and publishers competing with Oracle, Adobe, and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The Company also announced profitability mid-Q2 and is on track to do over $100 million in global revenue for 2015.

Following the recent integrations of Ezlike, Triggit, and adX Search, Gravity4 has integrated its current enterprise applications to input first-party data within it's proprietary DMP. The Company's latest acquisition, Swedish based adX Search, now called G4 Search, is not only integrated with Google, Bing, but also integrated now with Yandex & Baidu making it a unique global SEM & PPC platform.

This makes Gravity4's Marketing Cloud a fully functional and operational marketing OS for brands, agencies, and publishers. Automation will drive this industry soon to become the $200 billion industry in 2017, while data becomes the new currency.

"As we acquire companies I've been proud of the fact that eight diverse teams from different parts of the world were able to take a complicated engineering task and execute it effortlessly. Each company we acquired has been around between 4 to 14 years. Today we have integrated this entire tech stack into a marketing cloud seamlessly, which was one of the toughest engineering tasks to date. This project internally was called 'Mona Lisa.' "– Jason Green, VP of Global Enterprise App Center Development at Gravity4.

"Following our recent acquisitions, Gravity4 has announced it has achieved profitability in mid-Q2 and is on track to generate over $100 million USD in global revenue within its first operational year, an unheard of figure for a Silicon Valley startup. Not only am I impressed solely by the velocity of Gravity4's growth, but also the management team's ability to execute, and how immediately they have been able to bring a disruptive vision to reality. Execution becomes the difference between the companies that succeed and fail in Silicon Valley and I've witnessed this myself over the past four decades," said Dr. Narinder Kapany, Board Member at Gravity4. "I'm excited to see what the 200+ employees worldwide bring to this industry for the remainder of 2015."

"Since we launched in July of 2014, as a company we have focused on transforming the industry where automation, simplicity, and design are at the fingertips for the advertiser. Not only am I proud that we have invested in the right products, but also pleased of the team we've built on a global level. It takes the right entrepreneurial DNA to acquire 9 companies, achieve profitability, and be on track to generate over $100 million in global revenue in your first operational year. This DNA is what separates Gravity4's Marketing Cloud to what industry silos aim to achieve," said Gurbaksh Chahal, Chairman & CEO of Gravity4. "It takes a vision and the ability to execute and innovate around it to do what we have done today. Not only have we acquired great assets globally, but we've also filed over a dozen patents to disrupt the programmatic landscape across industries such as commerce, entertainment, and travel through our legal partners at Novak Druce."

About Gravity4

Gravity4 is the world's first High-Frequency Marketing OS integrated on one platform. Automation, Simplicity, and Design have been core ingredients in all of the technology within the Gravity4 Marketing Cloud.

From day one, the Company's goal has been to simplify marketing by humanizing the fundamental components behind it. Gravity4 offers a full suite of enterprise apps aggregating social, web, email, mobile, CRM, search, and location data for free. This allows marketers to save millions of dollars annually and enhance automation across all consumer digital touch-points.

Gravity4 is a global software-advertising company headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Chicago, New York, Bermuda, Dublin, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, and Uppsala.

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