Great Discounts to Banish Winter Car Battery Woes

Dec 20, 2012, 11:48 ET from Euro Car Parts

LONODN, December 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Something many drivers notice when the weather starts to get colder is that they suddenly have difficulty starting their cars. This is particularly the case for those motorists running older cars and it is all down to the fact that weaker batteries do not perform well when the temperature starts to drop.

Car batteries are full of chemicals and certain reactions take place which kick the engine into life when the starter motor is engaged. However, those reactions slow down when atmospheric temperature drops. This is why motorists with weak car batteries inevitably have trouble starting their engines in winter.

It is a problem that can be glossed over in the summer, but drivers are advised not to let weak batteries cause them problems in the winter and good preparation is the key to a trouble-free season. The team at Euro Car Parts has therefore introduced a series of promotions in order to help people prepare properly for the winter months.

Replacing underperforming car batteries is absolutely essential for drivers who want their cars to start first time, every time, during autumn and winter. In cold weather, the roads present enough challenges on their own, so further mechanical and electrical issues represent a genuine hassle to be avoided.

As such, visitors to will currently find discount prices on a range of car batteries, ensuring the very best value on high quality products. Drivers can replace their batteries quickly and cheaply by taking advantage of the current deal offering 15% off products from trusted manufacturers such as Bosch, Lion and Exide.

All motorists need to do to activate the offer is find a battery compatible with the make and model of their car, add it to the basket on the Euro Car Parts online store and then enter the special promotional code at the checkout. The battery will then arrive shortly afterwards via the retailer's quick delivery service.

The promotion is good news for garages too, as it enables them to pass on the savings to their own customers.

SOURCE Euro Car Parts