Great Science Meets Great Taste: Cargill Introduces Revolutionary Approach to Improve the Taste of Reduced-Calorie Beverages

TasteWise™ reduced calorie solutions delivers a superior taste experience by better balancing texture, sweetness and flavor

Mar 16, 2011, 08:30 ET from Cargill

MINNEAPOLIS and MECHELEN, Belgium, March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Beverage manufacturers can make their reduced-calorie drinks taste better than ever with an innovative new approach by Cargill. TasteWise™ reduced calorie solutions uses Cargill's patent-pending technology, application capabilities and ingredients to enable beverage makers to deliver better-tasting, reduced-calorie products.

The secret to delivering a superior taste experience to consumers is in optimizing the balance between texture, sweetness and flavor. When producing reduced-calorie beverages, manufacturers typically lower sugar content. To compensate for losing sweetness, it is common to add zero- or mid-calorie high-intensity sweeteners and taste-modifying flavors. Although this effectively addresses the loss of sweetness, the resulting beverage is likely to deliver a thinner mouthfeel and a different taste profile.

To remedy this challenge, Cargill utilizes its expertise in texturizers, sweeteners and flavors to balance taste and mouthfeel with unmatched precision. Using "tribology" – the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion – Cargill is able to more accurately mimic and measure what goes on inside the mouth when a beverage is consumed. Cargill is a pioneer in the use of tribology in the food and beverage industry, and through its use can predict and shape mouthfeel with an accuracy previously unknown in the industry.

"With this new approach, Cargill not only provides the ingredients to achieve desired sweetness and enhanced mouthfeel, but the science and expertise to achieve the right balance," said Andy del Rosal, team leader of Cargill's North American beverage applications scientists. "This is the culmination of years of scientific research to help our customers develop reduced-calorie beverages that also taste great."

Sensory and consumer testing of Cargill's measurement and ingredient technology, conducted at North Carolina State University's Sensory Science Center, validates the connection between key mouthfeel sensations and consumer liking.

The new approach helps customers save time and reduce costs. TasteWise™ reduced calorie solutions helps speed product development through the utilization of its unique prediction capabilities and new texturizing components.  The pre-screened texturizing blends, commercialized as Trilisse™ blends, optimize mouthfeel in reduced calorie beverages based on specific applications. These proprietary texturizing blends also may allow beverage makers to use less sweeteners or other ingredients to achieve the same mouthfeel.

Additional elements of TasteWise™ reduced calorie solutions include Cargill's sweeteners, such as the stevia-based, zero-calorie sweetener Truvia™ rebiana*, and taste enhancing and masking flavors.

"Cargill's philosophy is that you must examine sweetness, texture and flavor in relation to one another," said Majella de Bruijn, EMEA Beverage Category manager, Cargill. "Any time one is modified, it affects the others. Today, only Cargill has the capabilities to address all three factors from a holistic perspective and help customers deliver the great-tasting, reduced-calorie beverages that consumers demand."

Cargill has six patents filed on TasteWise™ reduced calorie solutions, and is now working to extend its capabilities into food products including dressings, sauces and soups.  

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*Note: Currently, Truvia™ rebiana is not approved for use in all geographies.

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