Greatest Generation Now Confronts Greatest Frustration: Incontinence Discretion

The Janibell® Akord™ Advanced Waste Disposal System Provides Solution

Dec 02, 2015, 13:59 ET from Janibell Akord Adult Incontinence Disposal System

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., Dec. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The senior population continues to grow, most of whom are part of the so-called "Greatest Generation" or those who fought in World War II and the Korean War. Many of those have gone to build vibrant industries and the US economy, developed global technologies like the internet, landed a man on the moon, and conducted great symphonies, among others. Unfortunately, this noble generation now confronts its greatest frustration: adult incontinence and the ability to preserve their dignity, privacy, and discretion while dealing with the condition. Offering a simple yet discreet solution to this problem among seniors is US-based Janibell® Akord™ Adult Incontinence Disposal System.

The Akord allows for quick, easy, and practical way to dispose adult incontinence products while protecting those suffering from incontinence from potentially embarrassing situations, like leaks, odor, or the inability to manage disposal on their own.

"Our proprietary Akord disposal system offers odor-free pails that are sleek and attractive, blending seamlessly with any home décor," says Bumkee Kim, Founder and CEO of Janibell. "It's simple yet hygienic feature keeps one's home or facility smelling fresh and clean all day."

With one simple step on the pedal, the Akord opens its extra-wide lid for easy and convenient disposal. Its hands-free system makes disposing of briefs, pads, wipes, and other incontinence products quick, hygienic, and discreet.

The Akord helps individuals and health care providers deal with an issue that's much more than a health condition. It's a social one as well. The odor problems associated with the disposal of adult incontinence products sometimes lead to embarrassment and frustration. Sufferers can become isolated and alone out of fear that friends and family will discover their incontinence. The Akord's odor controlling properties and elegant design allows it to discreetly restore dignity and peace of mind to those affected by adult incontinence. Its strong, continuous powder-scented refill liners trap odor inside and their double-sealing system ensures it stays there and are simple to cut and tie off – no matter when one chooses to empty the pail.

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