Green Home Builder Blu Now Offers 'Origin' with up to Two Bedrooms and Pitched Roof

Stunning Origin Home Additions Unveiled in Massachusetts; Base Model Starts at $82,000

Oct 07, 2010, 10:52 ET from Blu Homes, Inc.

WALTHAM, Mass., Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Green home builder Blu Homes, Inc. today announced the redesigned Blu | Origin, the most affordable and versatile home in its portfolio.  Previously designed as a studio or home addition, the Origin is now available as a complete home with one or two bedrooms, an optional pitched roof and a deluxe kitchen. Other new green options include LED lighting and standard radiant floor heating and, like all Blu homes, the Origin features high ceilings and abundant windows and natural light. With its new optional luxurious accessories, including cedar sunshades, trellises, sliding door shades and a roofdeck, the Origin offers a custom home feel without the accompanying price tag. The Origin studio starts at $82,000 and the Origin home starts at $109,000.

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"The Origin was my answer to a home addition," said Bill Haney, founder and CEO of Blu. "My family has been in the same house for 17 years and after suffering through a painful and expensive renovation years ago, we thought our dream to move our offices to our house would never become a reality.  Blu's convenient and predictable business model changed all that.  Blu is on a mission to bring joy back to home building and renovations and if my family's experience this summer is an indication, we're really onto something."

Blu | Origin is the most versatile design Blu offers and is now available in even more sizes and layouts. Origin comes in three sizes – 24 feet, 36 feet and 48 feet long – and has countless possibilities on floor plans.  It can be a lovely "small is beautiful" home with one or two bedrooms. As a studio, Origin is a perfect home addition, guest house or master bedroom. Other Origin home addition possibilities include a yoga or exercise space, an art studio, an at-home office, a media room or an in-law apartment.

"My husband and I both wanted to be able to work from home more often.  My art studio previously was a 30 minute drive," said Anne Haney.  "I adore my new home studio – it's modern, airy and bright. I no longer have to commute, pay rent, and we both get to see more of our kids.  The building process was quick and my kids were fascinated to see our home addition literally unfold before our eyes."  Blu has delivered eight Origins in the past year and has seven more in production.  

Combine Several to Create Setting of Your Dreams

Many of our homeowners are choosing to combine multiple Blu models to create the home of their dreams.  Add two or more together for a home/work set-up or choose a main house and a detached or attached guest house.  For commercial, academic or institutional purposes, combine two or more Blu homes to create a small office park, lake house compound, retreat center, art community or other grouping that allows for connectivity through decks and pathways, as well as privacy and individually-purposed rooms.

Process Allows Customers to Design Their Own

Blu's design process allows for extraordinary personalization – you can choose your home model, foundation, size, floor plan including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, roofing, cladding, finishes, fixtures and accessories, and the placement of windows and doors. Our team of expert designers rigorously research and test all the fittings and fixture choices so buyers can make informed choices. Blu's customization process is all powered by our unique information technology.

Homes Are Built to Last a Lifetime

Our state-of-the-art steel hybrid framing provides unparalleled durability and flexibility. The steel frame combined with 50-year standing seam metal roofing, airtight insulation and efficient windows are all engineered to stand up to extreme weather conditions and together make Blu homes remarkably energy efficient.

Bigger Spans, Higher Ceilings and Natural Light Make Less = More

Blu is the only prefab home builder that offers spans that are 17' to 20'6" wide with up to 16' high ceilings, making your living areas feel more open, sunny and spacious than traditionally more narrow modular spaces. Our proprietary folding technology allows us to deliver these big wide open areas without charging a premium. In fact, our shipping costs are usually less than half those of typical off-site building companies.

Team and Process Offer Custom Home Beauty with Predictable Price Tag

Blu is made up of a team of architects, designers, engineers, and construction and business professionals working to build the highest quality beautiful, green homes.  We design and engineer our homes ourselves, then build in our own factory and ship the home to you.  Blu employees then come to your site to finish your home on your foundation, offering unmatched service to ensure your satisfaction. With this full range of control, Blu can offer a guaranteed price as well as free architectural consultation on customizing your Blu home.

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About Blu

Blu Homes, Inc. has a variety of residential and commercial eco-friendly, green prefabricated home designs and has delivered homes to families and businesses across the U.S, from New York to the Colorado mountains and the California coast.  With the application of Blu's folding technology, mkDesigns are now available across the country, beginning with the Glidehouse. The second in its mkDesigns line - the Breezehouse® - is expected to launch in 2011.  For more information on mkDesigns or Blu Homes, contact, or visit or

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