Green Smoke's 2 Part E-Cigarette Designed to Meet Consumer Demand

Jun 25, 2010, 14:16 ET from Green Smoke

MIAMI, June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Since the concept was first developed almost seven years ago, Green Smoke has capitalized on advances in technology to develop its patented design and catapult the electronic cigarette into the global market, as consumer awareness and demand increases.

The electronic cigarette is a personal, battery-operated vaporizer that mimics traditional cigarettes offering smokers interested in switching an array of benefits.

When the product was first introduced, it generally had heavy batteries that did not hold a charge well. The shape and design resembled that of a pen with a slick plastic surface. The quality and consistency of the smoke volume and nicotine delivery system also varied. Moreover, every time users wanted to refill their e cigarettes they had to juggle several small components, including the atomizer (the part of the device that produces the vapor), a liquid nicotine solution, the battery, and other mouth piece components.

While many of the e-cigarette brands are still selling three part devices based on an inferior technology, Green Smoke has used every possible technological advantage to produce the best e-cigarette experience for smokers. Their unique two-part design integrates both the nicotine solution and atomizer in one disposable cartridge. This idea makes the Green Smoke e-cigarette easier to use and improves the quality and smoker's overall experience dramatically.

The basic size, shape, color, and texture were all designed to closely resemble a traditional cigarette. When users inhale they get a strong and deep breath of smoke-like vapor that resembles smoke even when exhaling. The product even sports a realistic LED at the tip that glows bright when inhaling. Consumers can choose from different levels of nicotine that suits their personal smoking habits. They also have their choice of flavors that range from traditional tobacco to vanilla and apple.

All these advancements in the e cigarette have created a buzz among consumers looking for a quality alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.  

About Green Smoke:

Based in Florida, Green Smoke was founded to provide an authentic smoking experience that is less harmful than traditional tobacco. The company offers electronic e-cigarettes, including its patented two-piece design, starter kits and accessories. Visit or call 1-888-224-1345 (Toll Free).

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