Green Space in Urban Environments Lead to Better Physical and Mental Health

Tree Story, the Mobile Game that Helps Plant Real Trees, Teams with Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation to Help Plant the Jimi Hendrix Park in Seattle

Nov 13, 2015, 08:44 ET from Zig Zag Zoom

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Studies have shown that green spaces in urban areas can lead to significant and sustained improvements in physical and mental health.  To that end, Tree Story, the mobile "virtual pet" game by Zig Zag Zoom that helps plant real trees, has partnered with the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation to support funding efforts for real green space in the Jimi Hendrix Park in Seattle.  The Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation will be holding its Rain Garden Planting Party:


When:  Saturday, November 14, 2015
Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (PDT)

Where: Jimi Hendrix Park 
2400 South Massachusetts Street
Seattle, WA 98144

Janie Hendrix, President/CEO of Experience Hendrix:  "Bringing beauty to the world was at the heart of my brother's philosophy, and it was the motivation for his music…his art. The Jimi Hendrix Park will bring something beautiful to our city, and we're thrilled that Tree Story will help make it happen by opening the door to the world. It's an invitation to those who love Jimi to get involved."

Even if you are not able to plant in the Jimi Hendrix Park in person, you can still be involved.  Anyone around the globe can participate by choosing the Jimi Hendrix Park campaign in the mobile game Tree Story, which is on both Android and iOS. Created by former Disney Interactive game makers, this groundbreaking experience invites players to nurture virtual pet trees to support the planting of REAL trees around the world.  

News Facts

  • Jimi Hendrix Park campaign can be found in the mobile game Tree Story, which is available today on Google Play and iTunes App Store for free.
  • The game is an entertaining and captivating "virtual pet" for your smartphone, where players nurture tree seedlings with water, sun, food and love to grow them into fully mature trees…while playing exciting action and puzzle games. 
  • The Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation was set up to create a community space inspired by the electrifying music and story of Jimi Hendrix. When completed, it will be a gathering place for individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages to celebrate cultural heritage, experience community pride, and enjoy innovative educational programming.
  • Along with the Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation, Zig Zag Zoom works with the following expert tree-planting partners to plant REAL trees:

Tree Story's Game Features Include:

  • HELPING REFORESTATION EFFORTS:  Help our partners (U.S. Forest Service, Alliance for Community Trees, Arbor Day Foundation, Project Learning Tree and The Nature Conservancy) by sending your trees to reforest areas affected by wildfires, repopulate endangered tree species, create more habitats for animals and birds and beautify our schools and our neighborhoods!
  • TALKING TREES: Talk with your device's mic and listen while your trees talk back.
  • TREE SELFIES:  With an easy click you can take a picture of your tree to send to your friends and family.
  • TREE FACTS:  Trees are amazing! Impress your friends with cool tree facts found in the game!
  • LOADS OF GAMES & ACTIVITIES:  A variety of forest-themed action and puzzle games will keep you and your trees entertained. Play games to earn coins and buy food to feed your tree and to buy plushies to keep them happy. 
  • CUSTOMIZATION TO ANIMATE YOUR TREES:  Animated in a cute and unique 2D style, all of our huggable tree characters are based on real trees, but unlike real trees you can dress Tree Story trees up in tons of fun and stylish outfits!

Maisha Barnett, Project Manager, Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation:  "Our mission for the Jimi Hendrix Park is to create a space to honor the legacy of Seattle's own Jimi Hendrix and to build a free public park that will serve as a hub for inspiration, encourages meaningful community participation, and creates a space for artistic expression. Our partnership with the mobile game Tree Story helps to get us closer to that goal and gives all of his admirers around the world a fun way to give back to Jimi and his community"

Tom Kang, CEO of Zig Zag Zoom:  "Who isn't a fan of Jimi Hendrix?  It is such an honor that Tree Story can give back to his legacy in this way and enable others all around the world who want to contribute to his memory by planting a tree, both real and virtual, in his park.


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