GreenLite(TM) Weight Reduction Innovation Breakthrough for Several Automotive Components

Jan 13, 2010, 14:35 ET from The Woodbridge Group

DETROIT, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Estimates show a vehicle's fuel efficiency increases 6-8% for every 10% drop in weight. Martin Mazza, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Global Sales, The Woodbridge Group states, "We are seeing more vehicle manufacturers and seat assemblers looking more closely to lightweighting materials, and the cumulative effect of mass compounding, to reduce passenger vehicle weight. Through industry leading material and process technologies, Woodbridge continues to evolve GreenLite™ low mass automotive seating and headliner solutions, to help address the ongoing need for optimized performance from lighter, more cost effective components."

ComforTech™ performance urethanes offer automotive seating the ideal balance between comfort and durability. Through an industry leading process capability, GreenLite™ low mass seat cushioning now delivers a greater firmness range through a wider density spectrum, for each specific area within the seat cushion and back. This advanced ComfortZone™ technology offers new levels of automotive seating comfort, at a lower cost while providing up to 30% weight reduction.

StructureLite™ seat frames are manufactured from Polyurethane or Expanded Polypropylene, and are used in seat cushions, backs and bolster applications. GreenLite™ low mass technology has enabled even greater mass reduction potential. This product offers several advantages over conventional wire frames such as; improved occupant safety through integrated anti-submarine ramps, better trim fit and appearance, safer trim attachment method, a system cost savings, and up to 35% weight reduction.

Woodbridge GreenLite™ low mass technology has further enhanced two Stratas™ automotive headliner innovations. StrataLiner NET™ composite boards deliver improved acoustical performance, and when package space is at a premium, StrataLiner NXT™ boards provide cross-sections as low as 2.5 mm. System advantages over competing polypropylene composites include; thinner cross-sections, superior design flexibility, enhanced surface quality, improved acoustics, better side curtain air bag compatibility, a system cost savings, and up to 40% weight reduction.

The Woodbridge Group also offers BioFoam™ products, in combination with GreenLite™ ultra-light weight performance optimized solutions, to help automakers improve fuel efficiencies and reduce CO2 emissions. BioFoam™ products are manufactured from higher inclusion levels of renewable resources, to offer automakers less dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels and a smaller environmental footprint.

The Woodbridge Group operates over 60 facilities in 21 countries, as the global leader in the development and production of polyurethane and expanded polypropylene products. Automotive applications include components for seating, structural support, headliner systems occupant protection and acoustical management. Woodbridge also offers assembly and sequencing services, as well as a full range of value added services including engineering and design. For more information, visit

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