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Our passion to create positive change continues in GreenWorld Restoration Foundation

Jul 18, 2013, 09:15 ET from GreenWorld Restoration Foundation

AUSTIN, Texas, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Worldwide Maniac Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that focuses on creating positive change for our global society, has changed its name to GreenWorld Restoration Foundation to help establish a more focused, relevant, earth friendly image.  Founded in 2010, The GreenWorld Restoration Foundation seeks to restore balance to our planet through organizing individuals, families and corporations interested in restoring the delicate and harmonious balance between our environment and our communities.

Our Vision

As the former name denotes, GreenWorld Restoration Foundation continues as maniacally passionate advocates for sustainability and raising awareness of environmentally friendly solutions that include empowering neighbors to help each other.  GreenWorld Restoration Foundation is built on the idea that positive change requires a collaborative effort.  Through effective collaboration, individuals, corporations, organizations, and families can give back to the communities they live in and support.  This is why the foundation has created the "Pay-It-Back"; "Pay-It-Forward"; and "Create-It-Forward" campaigns.  By means of these campaigns, they provide individuals, families and organizations an opportunity to help others affected by natural disasters, build sustainable communities and re-establish balance with the planet. 

The Work We Do

GreenWorld Restoration Foundation uses educational means such as documentaries, speaking engagements, public relations and social events to raise awareness to the anthropogenic impact on the environment and provide solutions that effectively reduce that impact. 

Through the delivery of sustainable homes and community solutions, GreenWorld Restoration Foundation provides a clear way for organizations and individuals to give back to communities that have been devastated by natural disasters.  They endeavor to create a momentum of healing that starts with families receiving help and, in turn, reaching back to help other individuals and families whose lives have also been adversely affected by natural disasters.

GreenWorld Restoration contributes up to 30% of its profits to the GreenWorld Restoration Foundation in support of the Pay-It-Back and Pay-It-Forward campaigns.  Eighty percent (80%) of these funds are then used to further our Pay-It-Back campaign while the remaining 20% fund our Pay-It-Forward campaign. 

GreenWorld Restoration Foundation invites companies, individuals, families and organizations across the globe to join in the effort to help those displaced by natural disasters and create sustainable communities.

GreenWorld Restoration Foundation is a non-partisan environmentally and socially conscious organization that promotes sustainable development within national and international communities.  Based in Austin, TX, GreenWorld Restoration Foundation gives back to the community encouraging a harmonious balance between humans and the environment.  For more information on their Pay-It-Forward or Pay-It-Back campaigns contact them at 512-608-9076 or visit the web site at

Contact:  Debrah Dubay
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