Grossman Roth Files Class Action Lawsuit Against DuPont for Deadly 'Imprelis' Product

Aug 04, 2011, 11:59 ET from Grossman Roth

INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A class action lawsuit has been filed against E.I. DuPont Nemours and Company, seeking to recover hundreds of millions in damages resulting from the devastating impact that DuPont's weed killer Imprelis has caused to thousands of healthy trees in the Mid-West and other parts of the United States.

"Beautiful Norway Spruce and White Pine trees are dying," said Robert C. Gilbert of Grossman Roth, a nationally recognized trial firm based in Miami, Florida. "And DuPont's herbicide Imprelis is to blame."

Gilbert is uniquely positioned to represent Mid-West property owners whose trees have been destroyed by Imprelis. For the past decade, he has represented tens of thousands of Florida citizens whose healthy citrus trees were destroyed by the State of Florida. Gilbert and his colleagues in Indianapolis have been studying this emerging disaster for weeks, and have been contacted by scores of property owners whose trees have begun to curl and die after Imprelis was applied as a weed killer.

The class-action lawsuit against DuPont was filed on August 4 in federal court in Indianapolis on behalf of Prestwick County Club, a longstanding private golf course located in Avon, Indiana.  The complaint alleges that DuPont failed to disclose that Imprelis could harm trees, even when used as directed. The suit also claims DuPont did not provide proper instructions for safe use of the herbicide, which is designed to control weeds.

"The trees of unsuspecting property owners across this country are being poisoned by a product DuPont marketed as a safe and environmentally-friendly weed killer," Gilbert said. "These property owners are suffering tremendous damages."  

According to Gilbert, the damage is widespread, from the Mid-West to the Atlantic Coast, and the cost of replacing the thousands of trees alone will exceed hundreds of millions of dollars.  Several states and the EPA are now investigating a link between Imprelis and the tree devastation.

"This is a widespread disaster caused by DuPont, and we intend to hold it accountable," Gilbert said.  "Many golf courses, homeowners and other property owners are suffering substantial losses caused by Imprelis.  We expect to recover significant damages for those who have suffered harm."

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SOURCE Grossman Roth