Group-IB releases Bot-Trek™ - the Ultimate Botnet and Cyber Intelligence Service

As bot armies attack, this new real time tool can help mitigate the risks for your stakeholders and customers

Feb 18, 2013, 12:06 ET from Group-IB

NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Group-IB, Russia's leading computer security company, has announced Bot-Trek™, a comprehensive tool that gathers compromised data and intelligence from botnets and makes it available to the original Intellectual Property owners via a SaaS solution.


Botnets is an exploding problem. They are used to steal private data, send spam, provide anonymous services for crimes, and perform DDoS-attacks. The current threats against enterprises, governments, service providers, and telecoms, are approaching critical levels.

"Bot curators using the latest zero days to avoid anti-virus software, can drop malware onto victims computer and then command them to perform criminal activities," states Dan Clements, Group-IB US Managing Partner. "These clever bot masters and their command servers are a moving target but Bot-Trek™ goes where no malware has gone before."

Bot-Trek™, through Group-IB's corporate structure, has access to many intelligence sources and technologies that provide access to bot data.

  • Distributed network of Honey Net traps
  • Advanced Sink holing Technology
  • Underground infiltration
  • Phishing sources and Malware intelligence databases
  • Previous Forensic and CERT cases

"The complexity of tracking malware all the way down to the smart phone and then re-verse engineering it back to the source, wherever in the world it resides, and capturing log results, is a main task of Bot-Trek™," states IIya Sachkov, CEO of Group-IB. "It's a cat and mouse game that has no end, and thus capturing real time data and getting it back to the original owners is a preemptive solution that saves hard costs and protects an organizations goodwill."

Group-IB Bot-Trek™ extracts information from malware logs which may contain E-banking logins and passwords, leaked credit cards, money mule information, compromised IP addresses, socks, spam- and DDoS-bots IP-addresses, and leaked data from corporate domains or IP-ranges (e.g. corporate e-mail accounts, intranets, etc.).

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About Group-IB

Group-IB is a computer security company, specializing in the investigation of computer crime, information security breaches, and computer forensics. On the basis of Group-IB, CERT-GIB ( operates as the first private computer emergency response team in Russia. CERT-GIB provides the client with comprehensive support in minimizing informational risks, consisting of technical, organizational, and legal advice.

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Dan Clements
Group-IB US Managing Partner