Growing Worldwide Communication Increases Demand - Industry Report Featuring Sonus Networks and Juniper Networks

Mar 03, 2011, 08:58 ET from World Street Fundamentals

HONG KONG, March 3 /PRNewswire/ - Today, released its industry report highlighting Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE: JNPR) and Sonus Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SONS). Investors from around the world are invited to view fundamental and technical analysis at  

Worldwide communication networks are growing exponentially, at the hands of both consumer demand and growing commercial requirements. Much of today's internet infrastructure relies on back-bone providers and holders of fiber and cable networks throughout the major continents, trans-continental connections and satellite communications. This past quarter has seen investors turn to communication companies with established markets at value prices.

Moreover, the end-point infrastructure necessary to support, develop and improve existing network connections continues to accelerate at a higher rate than physical fiber and cable. Replacement of service provider's front-end equipment is often the most feasible option to realize effective bandwidth increases. New innovations and efficiencies in compression, traffic management, and equipment are driving increased demand from service providers toward network infrastructure purchases.  

World Street Fundamentals has highlighted Sonus Networks because of its strong 2011 guidance and diverse customer base including AT&T (including AT&T Wireless and AT&T Classic), Belgacom ICS, BT Group, Carphone Warehouse, France Telecom, Global Crossing, KDDI, Level 3, Qwest, Softbank Corporation, T-Systems Business Services, Tata Communications, Verizon and XO Communications. To read the report on Sonus Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SONS), click here:

World Street has highlighted Juniper Networks for its focus on two important segments: infrastructure and service layer technologies (SLT). End-point infrastructure and SLT provide value to existing backbone cable and fiber, at an efficient cost to service providers. This represents key exposure to high growth zones within the communications sector. To read the report on Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE: JNPR), click here:   

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