Grupo TelSat to Demonstrate Second Wind's Industry-Leading Remote Sensing System to Spain's Industry Leaders

Grupo TelSat, a Second Wind Triton Certified Partner and leading provider of technical services to the wind industry, to hold demonstration event in Zaragoza

Oct 20, 2010, 10:41 ET from Second Wind

ZARAGOZA, Spain, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- On Oct. 28, wind energy developers in Spain will get a hands-on look at a new technology that is changing the way the wind power industry does measurement and resource assessment studies. Grupo TelSat, recently appointed as Second Wind's latest Triton Certified Partner and a leading technical services firm for the Spanish and Portuguese wind power industries, will host a demonstration event to showcase the Triton® Sonic Wind Profiler.

Triton is an advanced remote sensing system that uses sodar (sound detection and ranging) technology to measure wind at higher heights than the previous tower-based standard. By measuring wind speeds at the turbine rotor's hub height and beyond (up to 200 meters), Triton reduces uncertainty in annual energy production (AEP) forecasts.  Triton's ease of deployment also streamlines the wind farm development process.

Triton has achieved global market leadership and continues to be adopted by the world's leading wind farm developers as a way to complement met tower-based measurements. Of the over 200 commercial Tritons sold worldwide since April 2008, seven Tritons have been sold to Spanish-based companies.  Compared with other remote sensing systems, Triton offers the lowest power consumption, which greatly simplifies installation, operation, and redeployment, as well as the highest system reliability and data that is bankable.

"Triton's reliability, bankable data, and rapid deployment are the main reasons our clients are considering the use of remote sensing," said Carlos Vicente Claveria, Manager, Grupo TelSat. "At just seven watts, Triton's power consumption is so low that we can install it at the most remote sites with confidence. Second Wind has designed a system that is very easy to install. Triton is a great solution for clients who want to start, and complete, their wind studies quickly."

At the demonstration event, to be held on Oct. 28 in Zaragoza, Spain, invited developers will see a Triton installation adjacent to a 60 meter tall met tower, and will be able to view live wind data as it's gathered. Specialists from Second Wind's European office and Grupo TelSat will host the demonstration and be available to answer questions.

"Grupo TelSat has been working with Second Wind for several years, first as a distributor for our Nomad 2 Wind Data Logger and tower-based measurement equipment, and now as a Triton Authorized Sales Representative and Certified Triton Partner for Spain and Portugal," says Second Wind's Director of European Business Colin France. As a Certified Triton Partner, Grupo TelSat is qualified to install and service Tritons. "Because of Grupo TelSat's excellent reputation as a provider of high quality services to the wind industry and their proven capabilities in supporting sales of Second Wind's met tower equipment, they are the perfect partner to actively promote Triton sales in Spain and Portugal. We look forward to expanding our relationship with Grupo TelSat to deliver even greater value to the European wind power industry."

About Grupo TelSat

Grupo TelSat is a European company offering technical services for wind farm development. Grupo TelSat's services include meteorological tower installation and maintenance, wind measurement, feasibility studies, and planning. Grupo TelSat is a Second Wind Triton Certified Partner, qualified to install, maintain, and service the Triton Sonic Wind Profiler.  

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About Second Wind

Second Wind develops wind measurement systems that make wind power pay off for consumers, investors and the environment. The company's technology provides wind farm developers with the bankable wind data they need to plan, finance and operate highly efficient wind generation facilities. Second Wind's systems are making wind farm development profitable in 50 countries on seven continents. Second Wind's systems include Triton, the wind industry's leading remote sensing system, Nomad 2 wind data logger systems, and the SkyServe® web-based data service. For more information about Boston-based Second Wind, please visit

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