Guardians of Rescue: Uncovering One of New Jersey’s 'Dirtiest Secrets' at Bravo Packing Plant

Dec 20, 2010, 11:36 ET from Guardians of Rescue

NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Hidden in the crevices of Carney's Point, New Jersey, there is a facility that continues to slaughter horses.  The horses are allegedly being starved, tortured and then slaughtered for their lean meat.  Amanda Sorvino, a horse activist and daughter of actor Paul Sorvino, together with Guardians of Rescue, a not-for-profit animal welfare organization, announce today their intent to put an end to the horrific abuse of these horses at the Bravo Packing plant.

It is illegal for any facility in the country to slaughter horses for human or animal consumption.  Amanda Sorvino went undercover at the Bravo Packing Plant on several occasions to secure evidence that graphically depicts the brutal abuse of the horses living in killer pens without any shelter from the environment. "Beyond the issue of abuse, at least one the horses was infected with a serious bacterial infection," said Ms. Sorvino, who was able to rescue several of the horses.  "The horses were emaciated and some violently abused, all living in unspeakable conditions," said Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue.  

Ms. Sorvino has turned over all video footage and audiotape to the Prosecutor's Office in Salem, New Jersey.

Gary M. Sherman, a member of the Guardians of Rescue, who recently spearheaded an animal welfare bill into law in the State of Colorado, says "It is an outrage and illegal for any facility in the United States to slaughter horses for either human or animal consumption.  If this New Jersey facility does engage in this practice, combined with the allegations of abuse and inhumane and cruel treatment of the horses, it would be a shameful legacy for New Jersey, an otherwise wonderful state."

Ongoing discussions with lawmakers in New Jersey are underway in an effort to end the practice of slaughtering horses for any purpose.

Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue, is available for interviews.


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