The Social Space Gets Even Smarter With New App Centered on Kindness

Nov 23, 2015, 08:30 ET from güdly

NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- güdly – the world's first social network focused on kindness —today announced the release of güdly 2.0, an update of the app that gives users the power to create a troll-free social media experience. güdly 2.0 features new-and-improved proprietary patent-pending technology that builds in community decision-making; posts that are deemed negative or inappropriate by multiple community members are quickly flagged and taken down. Available for free worldwide beginning this week on iOS and Android, güdly combines familiar social media functionality such as a news feed, photos, profiles, comments and hearts with the ability to ask for encouragement, give support to others or guard against negativity.

Its groundbreaking Guard technology is a real-time crowd-sourced bullying protection process that allows other users to mediate flagged posts. güdly's architecture is the first of its kind in the social networking arena, and is reliable, secure and entirely scalable. As güdly grows, the technology has been developed to adapt to allow adjudication, no matter how many active users there are.

güdly also features a wheel that allows users to do three things: Give, Ask and Guard.

  • GIVE: Spin the wheel and let it land on a friend or random community member to "give unto others." Pay it forward by giving out affirmations, being funny, or providing support to people and causes.
  • ASK: Get some "good" in return. Ask the güdly universe for peace, love, support, encouragement or advice by posting a message and an image.
  • GUARD: Flag offensive content that will be quickly removed from the platform. güdly's proprietary Guard technology helps safeguard against bullying, hate speech and other forms of harassment and indecency online. It democratizes the process, allowing users to regulate what content is allowed on the platform. Each time content is flagged as inappropriate, community users vote on whether the Guarded content remains.

The güdly app was created by serially successful technology entrepreneur David Centner and his wife Leila, who were inspired by their kids to create a different kind of social media experience. The development team has continued to improve güdly's functionality since its initial soft-launch this summer, and güdly 2.0 now has even more robust, adaptable protections for its users while delivering a traditional social network experience.

"Our app is a place where users can express themselves freely, without fear of hate speech or negativity. It's the Golden Rule, gamified," said David Centner, founder of güdly. "People have had it with negativity! Folks want civility with their social media and are looking for a safe, meaningful way to connect with others. güdly provides that solution."

güdly is committed to providing a unique online experience where users can truly seek out meaningful and lasting connections with individuals and organizations that also want to create a safe online environment that is free of negativity. The app has built-in interoperability with Facebook, and will introduce integration with other social platforms in the future.

The new güdly app is available for free download at the Apple Store and Google Play. For more information, visit

güdly is a social community app that gives users the power to create a civil, authentic and negative-free social media experience. Unique design features like the centerpiece güdly wheel let users take kindness for a spin to either give good vibes, ask for support or guard against negativity or nasty trolls. Its proprietary guard system technology builds "people power" into its community architecture and lets the güdly community push down flaming and discourage trolling in a democratic way; it gamifies rule by the greater good. The result is a fun haven and hangout that gives power to its community of users and puts them in charge. 

güdly was founded by serially successful technology entrepreneur David Centner and his wife Leila Centner. Mr. Centner is a Wharton grad who has created three successful technology-based ventures. David and Leila were inspired by their kids (including a recent newborn) to create a profoundly different social media experience.  They saw a need and an opportunity to harness social technology that would encourage civility and kindness wrapped in humor, for a funny, fun, compassionate, sometimes irreverent and always authentic environment for people, activists, organizations, leaders and supporters of all ages.

güdly has a global presence, with offices in the US and Dublin.

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